Stocking filler or small sized Christmas gift ideas for all; 2016

Hi everyone and welcome to my gift guide for this year. It’s just a small list of gifts people on your list may appreciate as I think the huge cover all bases type lists are often generic, offering too many gimmicky and tick box gifts.

Hair ties- Whether you are shopping for a girl or guy, child or adult, anyone without short hair will need hair ties at one point or another, I love the type such as Popbands as they also look less harsh on my wrist than a plain coated elastic and are less obvious when being worn as opposed to a scrunchie which tends to stand out while in your hair, they also crease your hair less. Even if one always wears their hair down, a hair tie is useful if they run or go to the gym or have to tie hair back while cooking. The ones I am featuring here are from Etsy as following on from the list I did last year for the blog; everything featured will benefit Fair Trade, an independent crafter or small businesses, a charity or an ethical company with regards to policy

.Tinkerbell green, polka dot and white hair tie set. Hair bands, no kink, bracelet elastic     20 soft stretch hair ties, hair elastics, ponies, yoga hair ties, bracelets, ponytail holders - blue mix


Photographed above; The Little Bow Studio and Eco Blue Bands    

Ok… The next one, you can do yourself! It’s super easy- just use your kids old crayons and a playdough or cake mould or an ice cube mould. However not everyone has time to do that! So for the busy mum, dad or auntie here is the next one; recycled crayons!

Recycled multicoloured Christmas crayons - stockings - trees - bells - stocking filler - kids

Those are from a shop of recycled delights; Braw Things also on Etsy

The next one are earrings-I love these and although you would have to know the taste of the person you were shopping for (for example not someone who only wears subtle stud earrings or only buys Tiffany silver or just only wears silver due to allergies!) I think these are very cute and they are ‘Shared Earth’ too so are fairly traded loveliness.

Handmade Recycled Pencil Crayon Earrings, Fair Trade, Made in India

Next gift is from Love Libby who I received a beautiful kite necklace from last year (Thanks Mum!) They do an imense range of vegan jewellery too including new anti hunting fox stuff! Cute herbivore dinosaur stuff, which might suit a tween or anyone who likes cute stuff! They now do beautiful lockets too. All in non silver or sterling silver materials.

You are my penguin love locket. Open clamshell style necklace. Gifts for her - valentines gift, girlfriend gifts - cute necklace    Vegan animal rights necklace - anti-hunting pendant. Fox necklace. Handstamped no to hunting with fox necklace on 16" chain

Fox necklace and penguin necklace above as well as lots of personalized products (pet pawprints and photo necklaces), gemstones and more. From LoveLibbyX

The next gift are just some Hemp socks– the material is amazing and although expensive, its Christmas so…


Prefer less subtle socks? Go to Viva For Orca socks!

Usually when featuring candles I go straight to Harpers Bizzare  These are MY favorite candles (although at the moment I need wax melts for my melter instead) But I have decided to branch out, this one I thought would really suit the rustic house or may even be a nice gift for a guy who likes candles but doesn’t want anything more ‘girly’ looking. (So sexist I know; sorry to guys who like their candles very pretty and cute!
Recycled Wine Bottle Candle with Christmas Spice Scent

Scents include vanilla and whisky it intrigues me!Reclaimed Oak - Wax Melt Warmer / Burner

Wax melts come next as I mentioned them;

FREE UK DELIVERY! Gingerbread Men Soy Wax Melts x4 - Gingerbread Vegan Wax Melts - Christmas Wax Melts - Stocking Filler - Gifts for Her

CUTE! from Sophie and Lola

Christmas decorations come next- you can go to a local market to get nice handmade decorations or make them yourself too. If you are shopping for a vegan (and it has to be the type who would purchase items saying VEGAN on them) then Viva has a nice design.



From Vegan Stitch 

For Bath Products this year I am going to highlight Bomb Cosmetics again. They are in Garden centers, online and in department stores as well as being on Amazon. The Christmas Bath Blasters and Mallows for this year look great! All under this policy; w e believe that neither animals, humans or the environment should suffer for our luxuries.

  Dash Away Bath Blaster 160g

I wanted to highlight  a brand stocked somewhere accessible for all so I think its great that local garden centers and John Lewis sell these as well as online. Although there are great soap and bath goods stalls on Etsy and at Christmas Markets.

Another gift for kids I would like to show are these great quality fox and badger hand puppets on the ‘League against Cruel Sports’ webshop.

fox puppetbadger puppet

Last year they only did stuffed animals so the puppets are a wonderful addition to the site!

One more gift I would like to mention is on another amazing charity webshop. The Amnesty International webshop sells loads; from bird houses and solar powered car kits to pens and necklaces as well as having a great selection of books. These Stamps might be a nice gift for any crafters you know who use stamps. They are wooden and handmade in India. You could split the set for different people ie; owl lover etc or you could keep them together in the bag.

Animal Printing Blocks (4)

I hope you liked this list! All items are quality and affordable and all from ethical sources somewhere along the line, or supporting a good cause. As I said, I write these lists as inspiration. I have no problems with high street shops or Amazon being used for Christmas shopping and I have been accused of being consumerist myself but I believe every trade is creating jobs too; I would hate to see more redundancy due to lack of high street purchases. So although everything you wear or buy may not be organic, fair trade or 100% ethical, I would still urge you to support at least 5-10 local shops, small businesses, etsy sellers, charity shops while doing your Christmas shopping.  And to try and buy some recycled and fair-trade stuff too. Products from Facebook and Etsy sellers are often unique and wonderful gifts, as are items from places such as trade craft they can add a special touch to your gift giving.

Love to you all and hope you are enjoying your Christmas preparations xx

Vegan at Buddha Lounge – updated!

One of my favourite local restaurants is the ‘Buddha Lounge’.
Although my favourite Chinese/Cantonese restaurant is Lotus Vegetarian, the Buddha Lounge is my top choice for Thai food. They offer a sleek stylish interior, relaxed atmosphere and 2 fantastic menus, sporting both Cantonese and Thai food. Nearly every authentic dish can be veganised and staff members are helpful and knowledgeable. Any main has a veggie option which, with the exception of any soups, noodle or rice dishes containing egg, is also vegan. Mum took me there as a birthday treat January 2016 as we had a 50% off coupon.

We ordered veggie mock duck with pancakes and vegetable lettuce wraps to start. The Hoi Sin sauce went wonderfully with the mock duck; the more unusual lettuce wraps were fab too! The filling for these contained rice, minced cashew nuts, carrot, onions and other veggies and seasonings.

For my main I chose Thai Green Curry, as Thai curries rate highly on my list of favourite foods. It was lovely and I could really taste the aromatic lemongrass, hot green chilli and creamy coconut which It contained, amongst other things; tofu, corn, carrot and mangetout. Mum chose the Black Bean Tofu, and we share sides of sticky rice and salt and pepper chips, the latter was really flavoursome and well seasoned. I think there was 5 spice in the salt, or something similar, rather than just chillies and salt tossed on top as in some other places. The Black Bean dish was good but we both agreed that it wasn’t as outstanding as the other stuff.
I got the dessert menu and was happy to see there was also a vegan option, despite this being fruit based. The fruity lychee, pineapple and grape dessert was actually perfect, although possibly when they reshuffle the menu, even more options will be available, not only for the desserts but also for the mains, even though that is quite varied as it stands.

below photos from 18/8/16 (recent visit)

Verdict- top quality food and fantastic service!!

I am dining at the Buddha Lounge again tonight with my Bury vegan group so will add more review content shortly.

* 14 of the vegans from my Bury Vegan group went down to Buddha Lounge last Thursday, they will soon be in a new larger venue so I wanted to go to this one again!

We all choose different dishes, from the fresh and spicy papaya salad to the Szechuan stir fry, the most popular Thai curry was the Massaman, filled with potato and cashew nuts in a mild sauce, the Thai green curry which I had last time was popular too. I tried the Malaysian Kari Ayam as I have never seen that one before, it sounded like a spicier variation of the Penang but without ground peanuts. It was absolutely amazing, a creamy coconut base, red chilli and lots of spices, beancurd and veggies, a nice change from my usual choice of a green curry. I also tried th coconut rice which is mild, creamy and delicious.


India X

Have you seen my Youtube channel yet?

So, It recently came to my attention that some of my readers did not know I was on Youtube!

So far my channel is mainly Disney Hauls, But there is a cruelty free cosmetics video and I have just done a USA vegan snack haul!

When I have finished all my ‘What I bought in America’ videos I shall take suggestions for any other Disney or Vegan related vlog ideas so do subscribe!


Thanks so much!


Day 9- Blizzard Beach,T-Rex Cafe and Disney Springs

On our next day we decided to head to one of disneys water parks, as uk visitors, our 14 day passes included entry to both waterparks! We got a shuttle from Animal Kingdom to Blizzard beach water park. Blizzard beach has super cool theming; it is themed like a melting ski resort! There is also a matching miniature golf course; blizzard beach.

The outdoor water parks in America are completely different to the indoor ones we have here in the uk, there are lots of sun loungers and places to react, the large areas, dry land and the sand which is at Disney water parks meant these were like actual water theme parks rather than being glorified swimming pools! There were huge intense slides and lots of little ones too, as well as a wave pool, lazy river and a little kids water play area and a tween obstacle course thing.

There were also shops and places to eat so be sure to invest in a cover up or kaftan. My cover up is an Ariel one from hot topic!

We left after around 2 hours which was enough I ever for me but I know some families do stay for ages with the kids getting in and out of the water for ice creams and the parents relaxing and lounging around.

We caught a shuttle to Conorado resort and then we transferred to another shuttle taking us to Disney springs for some shopping!


I went to Basin again for more goodies- this one was even bigger than the one in the Grand Floridian, like a giant super Lush! All natural soapy /skincare goodness

I went in all the shops! Disney springs marketplace has a huge amount of different shops, a tea and spice shop, goofys candy co, little miss matched which was a cute girly shop for kids and tweens selling odd socks, clothes and accessories, toy shops, The world of Disney; the biggest Disney store at Disney property, rainforest cafe shop, D tech where you can design your own phone or tablet case, Trend D where you can get stylish Disney apparel and lots of others such as pin shops and Christmas shops.


I was excited to go to Design a Tee however it wasn’t what I imagined, although I reckon it would be really exciting for kids. Basically you choose from generic designs of all the characters, (although it is not really all, it is mainly more popular characters) and choose your colour and text. You can write whatever you like on your shirt! At around $30 for a tee, I gave it a miss as there were cuter pre made shirts I loved at lower prices!

We did pick up some nice lip balms with SPF protection in Rainforest Cafe though, the brand was Sunbum, mum chose mango and I chose coconut as I absolutely adore any coconut scented products or coconut flavours. We also went to the Lego Store, they had some amazing Lego sculptures of various characters including a scene from 7 dwarfs mine train so it is worth having a look even if you have no intention of buying any Lego!

We had a reservation at a T Rex cafe at 4 so we walked over there so we did not miss it. I have never heard good things about vegan food at any of the Landrys restaurants but I love the theming in Rainforest Cafe so I wanted to try the dinosaur version! Who doesn’t love dinosaurs!

Our experience with our server, was unfortunately negative, he was very dismissive and thought that veganism was extremely entertaining. I have heard from other vegans on the Veg Disney Facebook page that they have also received bad service from severs in Rainforest and Trex in Disney Springs, they are not Disney owned, and landrys are not very accommodating, after being quite dismissively told I could only eat fries and a side salad. I requested the Jurassic salad and quesadillas with salsa and black beans but with no cheese or chicken. Mum got the children’s tomato pasta and some bruschetta, the children’s pasta had a side included so I got to have mums corn too! The food, once attacked with sauce and Tabasco was good, it was basic, nothing special obviously but filling. Other vegan things on the menu were the Omnivores delight without cheese, the regular pasta veganised, the waffle fries, rice and the sorbet. Although the food was sub par and the service lack lustre, I loved our visit to this place!


The decor in the T. rex is themed to take you back in time to a Jurassic world! There are boulders, water features, volcanos and huge animatronic dinosaurs and mammoths! Every 10 to 20 minutes there were meteor showers staged which were really cool! A really fantastic experience in that sense, very immersive and a unique dining experience.

We used a Landrys rewards card to pay for our meal, you can buy one of these for $25 and the price is redeemable as your ‘welcome reward’. A further $25 is rewarded to your card on your birthday, so be sure to make your registration birthday, your Disney birthday!

After our meal and a visit to the toilet to look at fossils! We went next door to the T Rex shop and Build a Dino. Build a Dino is owned by Build a Bear Workshop, and it is exactly the same but with Dinosaurs! Kids can choose a Dino, perform the heart ceremony, assist stuffing, choose outfits, create a birth certificate and then read the ‘Dino’ promise. Super Cute! I have worked in Build a Bear Workshop in the Uk and I adore the Bears and the brand! So I absolutely had to pick up a bear/Dino for Sebastian, my nephew. I was going to go for a pink triceratops as Seb loves pink, but because I wanted his new buddy to last him a long time, I chose a purple T. rex in case he decides he has out grown pick sparkles at any point.


After Dino making fun, I headed on over to Erin Mckenna’s Bakery again! This time I tried a chocolate chip layer cake with cookies in it and chocolate and vanilla frosting which the server said was called ‘Bakers Delight’ ,a chocolate soft serve ice cream with cookie crumbs and a slice of pumpkin chocolate loaf. I had the chocolate loaf for breakfast and it was moist and delicious! The cake was good too, I love the Erin McKenna frosting, it is coconut oil based and very tasty!


Seb’s Birthday Dino!

We really enjoyed our visit to Disney Springs for shopping and a nice themed meal!

Keep an eye out for the next post!

Zizzi Vegan Menu; High-street Vegan takes it up a noch

For those who don’t know, UK pizza and pasta chain Zizzi have launched a vegan menu in all of their UK stores. The exciting thing about this is the fact that Zizzi have always offered dairy free cheese-less pizzas and pastas but now; they are offering vegan cheese and gelato too!


My pizza 

This is great for vegan people due to the fact we can access vegan cheese pizza more easily on the highstreet but I also think that it shows a huge step forward in the recognition of the rapid growth in the popularity of the vegan lifestyle. Veganism is much more mainstream than it was, the acceptance and normalisation of a vegan diet and ethics are more widespread than ever. Could it be that the UK are finally catching up with our cousins across the pond?

I HAD to try these pizzas, and headed on down to one of the local Manchester branches ;Spinningfields. I went for a gluten free crust as I like to sample them to compare quality; opting for Artichoke, Mushrooms, Green Chilli and Caramelised balsamic onions on my pizza. At 80p per topping I did find the prices steep but no different to other Italian chains.  The pizza was amazing, the cheese was Mozzarisella which is a rice milk cheese, I have already had it on pizza at home after buying it in V Revolution and I love its mild creamy taste. The toppings were nice together but the star of the show had to be the caramelised onions which were out of this world and unusual as a pizza topping. The base was also spot on, thin crispy and stretchy with no strange taste. I also sampled the garlic bread which was lovely and rich. We ordered some sides to share steamed tenderstem brocolli and beetroot naked slaw and it was nice that they provided a fresh accompaniment to the rich creamy pizzas. Afterwards we went to Sinclairs Oyster bar; after breaking the bank on pizza it felt sensible to go somewhere less expensive for drinks; vegan ales and cider on tap.

The vegan menu also offered desserts, comments from the group reflected on the fact a simple chocolate dessert offering would be welcomed (such as a fudge brownie, torte, mousse or even a cookie dessert)  as all the desserts were quite fruity. However coconut gelato was an offering; a nice alternative to the common option of sorbet. I liked the fact that the menu mentioned availability of a wide range of vegan wines. Many places with ‘allergen’ menus which lump vegetarianism and veganism together with ‘special diets’ and bother too highly on cross contamination simply don’t offer the understanding and assurance that this menu did; the vegan wine mention highlighted this.

All in all my opinion is that the experience was spot on. I can only hope other chain places follow suit and create vegan options rather than offering us the veggie options with ‘modifications’ like many do. (When some of the dish is missing and the price is the same I feel conned if no substitutions are made, Sorry Las Iguanas etc!) Maybe an American style pizza place will follow suit so myself and my fellow vegans can enjoy deep based pan pizzas with toppings such as pineapple; as well as delicious thin crust Italian pizzas like those at Zizzi. (I am looking at you Pizza Hut; Take note- this would get you more publicity than changing your sign to ‘Pasta Hut’ for a year, or even putting burgers, hotdogs and various other meals in your crusts! I recommend ‘follow your heart’ for a stretchy style cheese like the stuff you pile on!)

Hope you enjoyed the review! Keep reading, Kite fans



Vegan Easter Treats from Raw Chocolate Pie

Have you bought your Easter treats yet?

If you have then you see the amazing offerings from Raw Chocolate Pie, you’ll wish you hadn’t!

The folks at Raw Chocolate Pie were kind enough to send me.. not one but two of their Raw Vegan Easter Eggs (Or ‘Spring Spheres’ if your ‘gonna’ go all PC on me). Trust me, you don’t have to be Christian to want IN on these goodies!


The first product was the Raw Chocolate ‘Cream’ egg. This is made from the raw chocolate pie classic recipe outer with the raw chocolate pie vanilla fudge making up the filling. As I love both the chocolate and fudge offerings from Raw Chocolate pie, I found this seasonal delicacy absolutely spot on!. The outer was rich and had a strong cacao aroma and the inside was sweet and toffee like. Best stored in the fridge the pie is most delicious when served chilled. I like mine very firm so I popped mine in the freezer.


The pie is also filled with goodness and no added nasties; free from Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugar, Palm Oil and artificial colors and preservatives. The Fats in the pie are composed of coconut oil giving it a melt in your mouth yumminess and creamy texture. Real Cacao is used to maintain the Chocolaty health benefits along with the intense flavor and the sugar is Agave which is a great natural sweetener.



imageThe second product was a large hollow egg filled with a nice mix of luxury dried fruit and nuts- its nice to have something inside your hollow egg as many vegan easter eggs are empty which is rather sad. I am saving mine for Easter!

The Family Combo Easter Egg

Other delights on the website include Popcorn bars, selection boxes and even a giant raw Easter cake which could provide a nice cacao infused alternative to a Simnel cake. Take a look- Easter orders finish on the 23rd but other items are available all year!  And don’t forget products are made in Cornwall and not imported! This is a UK family company produced offering from our friends in the sunny South. Handmade with Love!


Disclaimer- See first para, for my details regards obtaining these eggs, all views stated are honest and I have only been provided the eggs; I have no further Affiliation to the brand.

India x

The Perfect Birthday, part 3 of 3- Party time

I hope you have been enjoying the posts about all of my birthday celebrations! For my 18th mum encouraged me to have a big party, renting a local venue. I have not done this since I was a little kid so it was really exciting, and something different from the small intimate birthday parties I have grown accustomed to holding.

The party would take a loose Disney theme, I designed and drew a cake to be made by local bakery ‘Jon’s Cakes’ who can make vegan and kosher specialty cakes.

Tasted and looked fantastic!

We made the rest of the food ourselves, my sister Nicolette of ‘Archie and The Rug‘ made hummus and mock duck cucumber cups, mum made salsa and mini burgers, and I made Pizza Wheels, Rice and Butternut squash Salad, Cous Cous salad, Pea and Mint salad, Sweet Chilli Brocolli and Cashew salad and a Bean salad. There were also Indian snacks such as Onion Bhajis and Pakora, French Bread, Raw Buckwheat bread, Crisps, Bread sticks, Crudetes and a spectacular tropical fruit platter. You can find the recipes for the Hummus, Cucumber cups and Pizza Wheels on Nicolette’s blog- to veganise them I added violife original and cheezly italian style in place of cow cheese. To make the sweet chilli brocolli I simply mix raw cashew nuts, blanched brocolli and sweet chilli sauce, to make the pea salad I simply add my homemade mint sauce (whilst still hot) to frozen peas and shallots before leaving to defrost. I can provide the burger and rice and cous cous salad recipes on request as they are less simple.

For dessert I made 2 Disney chocolate fudge cakes with strawberry flavor icing decoration and chia seed sugar cookies, then we also had oreos, golden oreos, giant iced doughnuts and mini apple blackberry pies.

For decorating the venue, I made paper bunting from old Disney Classic storybooks which I picked up in charity shops for 20p each! and bought both personalised and non personalised disney banners on ebay. There were also lots of helium balloons. To dress the tables, we used both plastic dumbo and plain linen table covers, mickey mouse confetti (provided by our local disney store) and fairy lights.


The party was lots of fun and I loved spending time with all my family and friends together. Some lovely messages were written in the guest book which I bought from Paperchase- It will serve as a lovely memory.

Snow White Makeup from Sophie Woods at Colour Hair Studio Whitefield

There were also lots of amazing gifts and cards which I am very thankful for. The all vegan buffet went down a storm with omnivores and herbivores alike and the conversation and disco were both really enjoyable!


I hope you enjoyed hearing about my 18th, thanks to all of those who both attended and helped make it possible, for me to be a princess for the evening.

India x

Taurus,Canal St review – vegan menu

Tucked away in the Manchester gay village- Taurus Bar is not exactly a prime dining location, many people don’t even know they serve food! However… they do, and it is very nice. Whats more is that Taurus have their own vegan menu!

I have now visited Taurus many times so I can evaluate the good, bad and ugly… but mainly good!

The two times I have visited Taurus individually (in a couple) have been faultless! With my sister they were very accommodating to my little nephew Sebastian- bringing him water and milk and being very friendly. It was good to know they had high chairs- and waiting staff happily brought out a spare plate for him to nibble from. Our meals were lovely- I had a Tofu Penang which was a lovely mild curry with tofu and a peanut and coconut sauce, it was served with boiled rice. Nic had a bean burger with cheese- she said the actual burger patty was nice as it was not dry like some bean burgers, and it had lots of flavor without being greasy. We shared some broad bean and nut croquettes which again were lovely and had a nice sweet chilli dressing, these were Nic’s favorite part of the meal!

When I visited with Mum on Christmas eve, our meals again were amazing- staff were attentive and service was fast. We both got Bean burgers- mine I ordered without a bun and with pineapple, chips and mushy peas, I poured salt and vinegar on top – like fishcake, chips and mushy peas. Mum got hers with coleslaw and a brioche bun. Again, delicious freshly made vegan food! The chunky chips are incredible! And the bean burger is soft and moist inside with a crispy outer- textural heaven!

Now… When I visited as a group, the experience was very different. With the vegan Manchester Christmas meal, I found the food quite bland and lacked flavor. My Mushroom and lentil hotpot had no mushrooms or lentils in it! and was a potato and carrot hot pot topped with more potatoes, and the ginger sprouts had no ginger on them. My friend ordered a nut roast but It just looked like the bean burger to me. Apparently the walnut choc pot was underwhelming and my coconut rice pudding topped with mango crisps had no mango crisps and was served warm with coulis on top. Apparently due to over subscription that night, there had been some issues, so I did give Taurus the benefit of the doubt.

The second time I visited as a group was with Bolton Vegan group, early January. Firstly, someones hummus and pitta starter was forgotten. Secondly there were menu to plate alterations once again. The Tofu and vegetable madras curry which my Mum ordered… contained NO tofu, instead containing only Kidney beans and chickpeas and the rice was slightly underdone! And the Gnocchi which some of the others ordered I am told was not as described on its menu. When It came to desserts.. the choice of fruit and Sorbet was uninspired. However a dining companion did order ‘poached pear with cinnamon spiced syrup and raspberry sorbet’ – which came with no cinnamon, and the sorbet was very dark- she thought it more similar to blackcurrant.

When I order something and it comes, and it is not what I believed I had ordered… I get annoyed or sad. So although the food at Taurus is always delicious. I feel that I have to recommend going in small groups or as a couple.. rather than making a large group booking – as this seems to be when problems occur. Either way, the regular menu provides a nice choice and variety of tasty vegan food, and it is 50% off in January and 50% off every Monday (25% on Tuesdays) every day. They also do soya milk in drinks, daily vegan risotto of the day and Sunday dinners. I am told good things about the cocktails- but I don’t drink so can’t vouch for them personally!

Love India x



What I got for Christmas 2015!

I had an absolutely amazing Christmas 2015 full of magical memories and experiences. I also received huge amounts of amazing presents, with thanks due to my family and friends for being so kind, generous and thoughtful. And thanks of course to Father Christmas too.

Above- Presents under the tree, Love Libby Kite Necklace, Chocolate and Hollister t-shirt

hhh15 046

Kedma dead sea minerals face mask, BeautiQ IQ choc, Starwars socks, Tsum Tsum and Disneystore stationary, festive pants and socks, Lenny and Larrys cookie

hhh15 134

Chaplin and Disney Princess Boxsets, Booja Booja Champagne Truffles, Sophie Kinsella Book, Peace and Parsnips vegan recipe book, Cafetiere for 1,  Minnie mouse makeup bag, Mickey Backpack, Elsa dress, Cinderella mirror and bag, Fairylights, Heavenly Organics geranium oil, tin of cookies, socks, Studio eye shadow kit, Fox woolies set, Elsa mug, Olaf mug, Mary Poppins tree decoration, Winnie the Pooh pencil case, Assorted soaps and toiletries, Snowflake coloring book, snake bracelet, Starwars pjs, Frozen stickers, Sweet Revolution hot chocolate, Mickey beach towel, Giant mink effect throw.

Above- Ceramic pans, Christmas Tsum Tsum! Indian street food recipe book.

I also made a short video of me opening my secret santa gift from the vegan secret santa swap, which I organised on social media! –

Above- Tsum Tsum page secret santa and me with my gifts!

I am so so grateful for every single gift I received and I feel very spoilt by my loved ones this year. I love everything!

Now, pictures of Marnie’s presents and Mum’s presents from me and stocking fillers. Mum’s main gift from me was new curtains for the lounge but I gave her these early so the house was pretty on the big day!

Mum loved her Marilyn boxset, bedding and Odeon cinemas giftcard most.

Above- Marnie’s gifts- 2 dog perfumes, pupcakes, sweet potato chews, fish skin chews, Anco root chew, Rosewood Dumbell, Reindeer and Snowman toys, Toy mouse, Betty and Butch treats, Minnie mouse custom collar and lead, Jingle ball, Apple and mint treats, Peanut butter treats, Betty Miller treats, Dougals Den Zippypaws hide a puppy burrow kennel, Kong Squeez toy, gingerbread man

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and look forward to sharing even more of my pictures with you.

Happy New Year

India x

Festive Fayre at Toby Carvery- Vegan Style

It’s the Vegan Eats and Cheats on the High Street special!



For Bury Borough Vegetarian and Vegan group Christmas meal we headed down to Greenmount Toby Carvery… ‘Vegans at a carvery?’ you might say! Well, prepare to be surprised. Toby Carvery offer 3 regular vegan main courses – Butternut Squash, Brown Rice and Kale Crumble,Spicy Chickpea and Carrot Wholegrain Wellington and Lentil and Parsnip Cottage Pie! All of these can be joined by flavoured or plain roast potatoes, maple syrup parsnips, cranberry sauce, mustard, mint sauce, sage and onion stuffing, apple sauce and vegetarian gravy along with all the veggies on the deck. * your local Toby may butter the ‘on deck’ veg, but if you check in advance they can prepare you some separately if this is the case.


Ste opted for Mushroom and Ale Pie


My sides!


My crumble


Natalie loved her wellington

Fun was had by all and we got free crackers and coffee as booking with the festive menu. The festive menu also included a mushroom and ale pie! I tried all of the mains and they were all delicious, but the best bit was the parsnips! For dessert we had the amazing chocolate cherry torte, surprisingly good, more like a dense brownie or flour-less chocolate cake, with a lovely black-forest note to it. *we took our own soya cream and soy milk for coffee and tea.


very moist and sweet


so dense and gooey

So a big thank you to Toby Carvery UK for your excellent vegan menu choices and another thank you to the staff at Greenmount for your accommodation of our group.

Merry Christmas love from India