Magic Kingdom and Mini Golf!

Magic Kingdom and Mini Golf

*sorry for lack of posts, I am busy with university at the moment  so have less writing/videoing time. Plus my laptop broke….

Today was another 2 park day in a way, we got up bright and early for rope drop, I ran through whilst mum went to bag check and got a great view! It must be great to be the family chosen to participate!image

Once inside we rode 7 dwarfs mine train (fast pass) buzz light year (fast pass, flying carpets and Peter Pan) Then got some yummy snacks, I had my last Mickey Pretzel of the trip and mum got a strawberry fruit bar. I thought I was getting my last dole whip but I actually had one in the Poly another day too. I like my dole whip best as a float with pineapple juice!

It was one of the hottest days that we had while inside the park but then… As we were on the way to mini golf there was a huge storm! I guess someone in the heavens really didn’t want me to play mini golf! We hoped it would be 3rd time lucky so persevered anyway, getting a bus to the Swan and Dolphin.

The best way to access the Fantasia Gardens mini golf is by going to the Swan and Dolphin as they are right by it. There are 2 courses, an easier crazy golf course and a less decorative course. The plainer course is much more challenging. We went for the fun course.

I am amazing at miniature golf and (sack modesty I had to say so myself!) there aren’t many good courses in the UK. I definitely want to try the cool illuminated ones at Universal and the other Disney one located at Typhoon Lagoon on my next Florida trip!

We had to hide in the ‘caves’ which were part of the theming when there were showers, and I kept dropping my club; terrified it would be struck by lightning… But we did finish the course and I won (with 3 hole in ones!)

We planned to go to dinner at a Disney hotel again but the storm had set in by the time we got a shuttle back so we went back to Champions World and I ordered the boring vegan option in the bar of pasta and Mum got a veggie burger. We then went swimming for a while at the covered pool for Dive In Movies. It’s amazing to swim in a pool, while watching a film during a beautiful tropical storm.

Vfestival – 2016 Weston Park


V festival was great, and I have been meaning to post about it. My main reason for going was the fact Justin Bieber was a headline act on the Sunday night as part of his ‘purpose’ tour but the whole line up was impressive. I would have liked to seen more but the rain was extremely heavy and obviously when you are with someone else, you try and accommodate them too.

A great extra at V festival this year was the Glee club comedy tent! I managed to see some fantastic stand up comedians and sit literally at their feet! It was great, a very involved series of sets and even further interaction and participation with the 2 compares. I managed to see Josh Widdecombe, Katherine Ryan, Sarah Pascoe, Bobby Mair (who is actually Justin Bieber’s 3rd cousin-for real and is hilarious) and loads of other well known comics as well as some less well known comedians who hadn’t been on TV as much if at all but were still hilarious!

Another nice touch would be the v pamper street area; donation only body paint, hair and nails from beauty bloggers and artists. I chose my nails and was treated by the talented nail art blogger; Polished Inka  She uses Barry M nail varnish too which is cruelty free and affordable, check out her blog for fun ideas! Pokemon Go nails anyone?


Festival nails!


The musicians I saw were Corinne Bailey Rae, Little Mix, Jake Bugg, James Morrison and Sia then of course Bieber. Despite many saying Bieber was bad, I actually loved the performance, I found it really funny, Justin chatted about the weather, ate poptarts on stage and played around, sung 2 acoustic songs live with his guitar then lip synced to some others, and I didn’t find anything wrong with that. Sia gave my 2nd favourite peformance, her voice and songs are incredible but I still don’t really get the interpretative dancers.

Vegan food options were pretty good! I loved the quinoa hummus and veggie wrap and green smoothie I had from a smoothie stand and the Mexican chilli from Teabag Chihuahua which was also marked vegan. For breakfasts I found a real gem, Oatopia had coconut soy and almond milk, lots of porridge toppers like dates, banana and maple syrup, barista coffee and both vegan flapjacks and raw balls! They also took card so no pricey cash withdrawls! The Churro stand had nice vegan churros, and there were plently of places doing hummus, sweet potato chips, fruit and jacket spuds.

What I packed clothes and makeup wise;


I actually wore most of it!; I got changed frequently due to the weather so I was glad I had taken so much!

Overall I really enjoyed the comedy and music at V festival and would definitely recommend it but do take lots of toilet roll, baby wipes, black bin liners (to keep your stuff dry) , waterproofs, a water bottle and an emergency blanket!



Animal Kingdom; Tusker House Breakfast/Lunch review and Epcot!

On our second day at Animal Kingdom we had decided that we wanted to go to the Lion King Show, Rafiki’s Planet Watch and finish the Pagani Forest Trail.

At rope drop we went along to the Terra Treats stand, planning to get some Erin McKenna’s pastries for breakfast, however when we got there we saw that it didn’t open till 11.  By then we would want a sit down meal, so I opened the ‘My Disney Experience app’ and booked us into Tusker House Buffet for the latest breakfast slot at 10.40 am.

We had another look at the Tree of Life and then watched the Lion King Show – Festival of the lion King – it was one of my favourite theatre shows in WDW.  It featured songs from the Lion King and costumes in the style of those used in the Lion King Musical, as well as classic depictions of Simba and Pumba, using animatronics, plus Disney World costume versions of Rafiki and Timon.  It featured amazing singing, dancing and acrobatics.  It was also short enough in duration to hold the attention of younger children.


By the time this finished it was time for our breakfast slot.  As standard at Disney buffets, the chef came over to walk me through the buffet.  Vegan options included oatmeal, breakfast cereals, sweet fried plantain, bagels, corn bread, fruit chutneys, roast potato wedges and fresh fruit.  However, the chef told me that if I waited a little while before revisiting the buffet, the lunch options would be out too!  So I could choose from an even bigger selection.  Lunch options included 2 types of hummus, more chutneys, white rice, tabbouleh, lots of salads, vegetables and a delicious, spicy tofu curry.  I loved everything, especially the plantain bean salad, corn break and the tofu.  The chef also made me a batch of 3 vegan Mickey waffles and she brought me some chocolate soya milk.

I noticed many people doing what we did and making the most of the ‘changeover slot’, essentially cramming 2 meals into 1.  You could easily load up on pastries, cereal and cooked breakfast goods, and then get lots of the main lunchtime dishes and desserts too!  As with the other breakfast buffets; we even got a nice pot of coffee.

After finishing our amazing African inspired character meal and meeting Donald, Mickey, Minnie etc. we left the bustling Harambe market place area and boarded the train to Rafiki’s Plant Watch. Over at a different area of the park, this is where WDW carry out lots of their conservation work and there is a cool education area there, where you can learn about that through videos and exhibits.  There were also lots of insects, amphibians and reptiles to view.  My favourite bit at Planet Watch was the affection section.  Lots of non-farmed ‘farm animals’ were here and they had their own climbing frames and enclosures with toys and beds where they could go when they fancied a time out!  The climbing frames were cool as goats are climbers after all.  The activity toys, like those given to dogs, monkeys and horses were great too.  The supervising cast member explained that ‘farm animals’ get bored and need mental stimulation too.  I brushed a friendly goat.  Another goat busied itself eating a girl’s wheelchair!  On the way back to the train we met Chip and Dale!


Back on the Pagani Forest trail we saw the meerkats and silver backed gorillas.  We then went for some drinks at the Rainforest Cafe so that we could enjoy the interior. And of course, see a tropical rainstorm!


It was quite early in the day so we went to Epcot to spend some time in the Nemo area and check out some more countries. I remembered to stop for some delicious vegan sorbet in ‘France’ and tried the mango one this time.

We caught a ‘Friendship’ boat over to the boardwalk area and Epcot resorts but there was a big storm so we had a coffee at the Swan (They had almond milk and larabars but not sure if they always do) and got an uber from the Boardwalk abandoning the idea of miniature golf!




Update love- Ice Shack, Parties and a beauty salon

Hey everyone, another little update post for y’all, but first look at this yummy plate of goodness I had at Earth Cafe the other week. (2 mains, 2 sides- £7)


Potato pasticcio, Plaintain fritter, courgette olive salad and tofu veggie stirfry

Right now, so… I have been to lots of great Parties of late, 3 of which had 100% vegan catering, my friend Therese had the potluck which I have shown you the amazing cake from. (Which I made!)

My friends Nikki and Pete had a joint party at Pheonix City chinese buffet in Stalybridge which was fantastic and had a photobooth!,

and my friend Rachel had a house party with a vegan cheese fondue, and an attic disco. All the parties were great, thanks guys!

In other news… I visited Ice Shack in Withington. This is a veggie/vegan ice cream parlour and coffee shop with a really cute fun atmosphere. It was totally chilled out and they host lovely events such as board games nights as well as toddler groups and running clubs. I had a gorgeous Oreo soy-milkshake which even had coffee ice cream in it! They do an amazing ice cream sundae with cake or doughnuts, cookies, chocolate and 5 scoops of ice cream in it too! And it is served in a dog bowl!

I am off to V Festival in August so I have been prepping for that as I will be seeing Justin Bieber and everyone else I fancy when they perform there, among-st planning baking schedules for my August vegan events. Rule no- 1 for packing for V festival however should be no playsuits or jumpsuits! Nobody wants to be stark naked in a porta-loo / porta-potty.

And also… You know I love talking Politics… so here’s a picture of free food! Which I got for contributing to an amazing project ‘Propaganda by the People’ animating my views on being Pro- Europe.


Finally the Beauty Salon at Gronn Bury is now open! It is not 100% vegan like the hair salon but very vegan friendly, with massages, manicures, waxing and facials on offer! Get down there! Pre-holiday or pre-Back to school treatments a-plenty.

Love and Hugs

India x

Day 13- Florida mall, more bargain outlet shopping and Starwars Fireworks!

The next day was another shopping day! We got the hotel free shuttle to SeaWorld ( a location I would never actually visit for ethical reasons) then got a uber cab to Florida Mall for some shopping, it’s worth noting that the shops don’t open early on Sunday, this was a huge pain! But we did manage to map out our shopping while we waited for stores to open up!


The mall was incredible. Think of the Trafford Center in the UK but with better air circulation, more helpful staff, and lots of areas to sit down. We went to all the more unusual stores first so Crayola store who had a cool pick a crayon feature where you could fill a tin with crayons and markers of all colours, after that M and M’s world to pick up some gifts, Hot Topic, Abercrombie and Fitch as our closest is the Flagship in London, and Sephora. After that Pandora, Build a Bear Workshop and Hollister.

After Florida Mall we went to the Vineland Premium Outlets, where the Chinese stall in the food court had some nice looking spicy tofu so I grabbed that randomly combined with plaintain…. I also got some bits in the Disney Outlet and 2 further pairs of sketchers.


…and finally, when back at our hotel, we decided we could do with squeezing some Walt Disney World time into our day so Boom! We went to Hollywood Studios for the star wars fireworks!

We even managed to ride Star Tours again and…. Meet Olaf! At his new and exclusive meet and greet. We got a nice drink at The Hollywood Brown Derby lounge as I just had to see the interior in that place being a huge Chaplin fan and loving all the Hollywood movie stars. I also picked up the free souvineer recipe cards given out here although if I make them I will of course have to veganaise them. image

After a great firework battle we got back to our hotel room safely! Keep reading guys! And thanks to all of my new subscribers!


Day 12- Vegan tourism, Ethos, Ulta, Artichoke Red and Lake Eola!

The next day I was giving mum a break to relax at the hotel and had made some plans to go out with my friend Laurel, up bright and early we boarded her super cute little car and headed through Orlando and up to the Winter Park Area. From what I know this area is a posh area, kind of like the Primrose hill of Orlando, we walked down the main shopping street and went in Pottery Barn… Because hey! It’s pottery barn! I am a huge friends fan and had never seen a pottery barn before.

It was early and we were meeting another friend for food so we also perused the farmers market which was interesting. They had lots of local artisan produce including some vegan pesto, and an ice cream stand for dogs! There were lots of toy breed dogs in strollers! So cute! Providing they like it I have no problem with it. (I wish I could be pushed around on a hot day!)

We went to Ethos Vegan Kitchen for brunch, Cheryl ordered a breakfast burrito, Laurel got Blueberry pancakes and home fries to share, and I got scrambled tofu with biscuit and sausage gravy!


My breakfast was so delicious… Sausage gravy is like a peppery white thick sauce with crumbled sausage rather than being like gravy in England. It was incredible. The biscuit was sweet, light and fluffy and the tofu well seasoned. I also finished some breakfast burrito with bacon, lovely and some fries and the potatoes were nice although not fries like I expected Ie; they were breakfast style potatoes rather than French fries. Personally I was glad I chose my order.


I got filter coffee from the pot too, with frequent refills and a jug of lovely vanilla creamer which didn’t curdle at all. It definitely felt like a ‘real’ breakfast diner experience.


After Cheryl had to go and pack as she was going away, we went to some shops! Ulta, Artichoke red vegan market which reminded me of Out of this world in Leeds and Eigth day.

And Laurel took me to Authenticate ‘The British Store’ it was like the American candy store here and full of overpriced imported foodstuffs! Lots of the stuff I didn’t know was not in America! Bisto Gravy granules, Branston Pickle and other savoury pickles such as Ploughmans and farmers, Marmalade, Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding, Rich Tea Biscuits, Golden Syrup and Sticky Toffee puddings, Christmas cake, Yorkshire pudding mix, dumpling mix, Birds custard, Kendall Mint cake….


Then onto Market on South- a vegan shared venue which hosts handmade markets and music events as well as selling Kombucha and housing 2 vegan food vendors, Dixie Dharma who are famous for their Mac and Cheeze and Sandwiches and Valhalla Bakery who produce delights such as the Smores Bar I featured in an earlier post, however they are famous for their doughnuts and their Nanaimo bars (personally wasn’t keen on the Nanaimo bar)


After visiting Market on South we popped to a vegan friendly coffee bar ‘Drunken Monkey’ Where I had an amazing blueberry muffin! These were both in the Milk District area located close to both Winter park and College Park this isn’t as posh as Winter Park but it was very trendy and hipster-y, Kind of like a Northern Quarter vibe. Then we went onto Lake Eola and on the way visited Woofgang bakery, a cute dog bakery, groomers and shop. I bought some cookies for Marnie.

The lake was lovely and we saw the Baby Swans coming out for a swim, There were also free restrooms and small boats which you could rent.


I even came across an unexpected Disney monument- A  Disney funded outdoor- theatre.



Walt Disney Amphitheater

Then it was time for Wholefoods.

I hadn’t been to a wholefoods before and it was very cool, with pizza, Japanese, bakery and deli stations and over 50% of items being Vegan it was something different. The store was huge, the size of a supermarket in the UK and a bit like Unicorn Grocery but quadrupled in size and more shiny! I got some curries and stirfrys from the hot food part of the salad and food buffet sections, every thing was done by weight and there were tons of tofu dishes, bean dishes, lentil dishes and vegetable dishes. In the chiller there were things such as vegan cheesecakes and raw red velvet cake and all of the popular and more unusual vegan deli meats and artisan nut cheeses. There were large pick n mix candy, snack and fruit sections, grains by weight, and a machine to grind your own fresh nut butters too. Much more than just organic fresh fruit and veggies, I picked up some vegan Parmesan and Jerky and some endangered species chocolate minis but due to not having visited at the beginning of a trip, not having cooking appliances and living in another country/ needing to get a plane I had to skip buying much.


On the way back we even stopped at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a few hours!

After a long and busy day after getting back to the hotel, Mum and I chilled at the bar and I had a swim while watching the ‘Dive in Movie’ which was Night at the Museum.

I have made a video of my food haul;

and my cruelty free beauty haul;


Rest day/ Magic Kingdom

The next day we spent at our leisure, we sunbathed on our hotel, ( Champions World Resort) private beach. Went to Target, Starbucks and Dollar tree and then my friend Laurel picked us up for a nice evening in Magic Kingdom!

The hotel grounds are beautiful and relaxing as you can see; like our own private paradise.

Above; all purchased in dollar tree. Video coming soon.

We got to Magic Kingdom at around 6.30 pm. I booked fast passes for both Buzz Lightyear and Haunted Mansion on my IPad. Before going on Buzz, Laurel suggested ‘Monsters inc laugh floor’ this is a stand up comedy style interactive show featuring audience members getting mocked by Monsters Inc characters! It was really fun, I am glad we did it and that Laurel mentioned it as otherwise we wouldn’t have bothered with it.

Next it was time for Buzz and I got an Easy Access for Seven Dwarfs for when we finished. My score on Buzz was pretty terrible as I only ever score well when the ride breaks down! Laurel and I rode Mine Train next, she hadn’t been on it yet as it’s pretty hard to get on so that was cool. I love getting the on ride videos too! It was really cool as the fireworks for Wishes for going off just as we reached the top of the ride before the drop. A must do!

After riding the cute little mermaid ride ( you sit in a clamshell!) and going on Haunted Mansion we headed back to the car as it was getting late and Laurel and I would have a busy day the next day.

India x

Vegan feast with Chef TJ- Disney’s Trails End

As I stated on my last post, we went to Trails End Restaurant at Fort Wilderness resort ( via the free boat from the Magic Kingdom gate). The main chef at this buffet;  TJ, is famous for catering for both vegans and those with allergies.

For the same set price as the Omnivorous buffet TJ will whip up special dishes for us vegans! Although he is also super accommodating of both gluten intolerant and allergic guests!

When TJ came out he did the same as all the buffet chefs and ‘toured’ us around our choices. These were super limited at this southern buffet. It was full of chicken, cheese and ribs and that kind of food. We could however have jacket potatoes, 2 salads and mixed leaves. All the veggies etc had cream, butter etc so stay away 🙂

TJ was super apologetic and told us he would take care of us. First he brought bread and vegan butter.


Mum suddenly thought I was wrong about the whole thing despite me showing her pictures of TJ’s creations before we booked the ADR, I told Mum that I was sure he was just cooking and that we hadn’t paid $27 each for bread, potatoes and leaves.

The next course was immense, handmade vegan nachos with fried onions, chillis and a homemade coconut based nacho cheese!


Followed by samosas topped with BBQ sauce, I am not a samosa fan but I don’t mind the Disney samosas however the BBQ sauce made them more tasty. The cheese was winning so far though.


A gorgeous Carrot and Ginger soup followed, this was also coconut based, Mum didn’t have hers as she doesn’t really like Carrot but I loved it as this type of soup is among my favorites.

image We were both stuffed so didn’t manage to finish the main which was amazing fried tofu, and veggies in a sticky marinade on a bed of fried noodles with soy sauce. The dish was savoury and sweet and super delicious! Mum loved the yellow courgette and I loved the giant portabella mushroom! TJ was kind enough to box up our leftovers too! image

However I couldn’t skip dessert! This was dessert….


I ate every mouthful apart from the gummy bears which Mum had and the candy floss which the girl on the next table had. (I don’t like chew candy or candyfloss) The tower was made up of Tofutti cuties (I think thats what they are called, Chocolate tofutti, Chocolate cookies, banana, strawberry, jelly, Hersheys chocolate syrup and mickey sprinkles.

I felt ill afterwards :p

I even took an obligatory photo with the chef!image


Lots of the Disney chefs like making special off menu dishes for ‘special diets’ but Its great one can be so enthusiastic abo
ut it! All the meat eaters on the next table were super jealous so it is super powerful too! Vegans can eat any type of food that omnivores can eat! 🙂 Just Veganized of course….

Be sure to catch a boat to Fort Wilderness to eat at Trails End during your stay in Florida! You could even catch the campfire singalong with Chip and Dale afterwards (Free activity)


What’s been on with me, and Vegan cake!

Hi everyone. I have a non Disney related update to share as a break from Disney postings (10 days left!) so here is a general post for y’all. Currently having no job and not being in Uni until September means I have been sourcing some external writing oppurtunities in any spare time I have had from studying and dog care. I am I contact with 2 vegan magazines and have contributed to The Vegan Womble 

My first post concentrates on ways to save money on vegan stuff! Handy for students or anyone pinching the pennies! Check it out!

I have also been baking for local events and parties via my page on Facebook for my treat making.


I will be going to lots of great things this summer, so shall keep you updated on everything as well as future posts I have written aside from my blog and shall also link future YouTube videos!



Day 10, another Magic Kingdom day

Day 10 was another magic kingdom day as in the evening we had a meal booked over at Trails end at Fort Wilderness. The meal was so great it will even get its own blog post.

This post will be quite short because of that. We got the early shuttle to Magic Kingdom and I ran through the ‘no bags’ security leaving mum with all our bags, I got us a great spot to watch rope drop.


I love being at the park gates when they open, this is a must do for every Walt Disney World newbie!

After filtering through I went to some rides! I had Fast Passes for Peter Pans Flight, Barnstormer and Dumbo, so we hit Peter Pan first, and then I used my Easy access pass for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (aka best ride ever!) and did some meeting and greeting!


Early morning pretzelling

I managed to meet Aurora, who meet and greets at her wall and the Fairy Godmother just by the castle. imageWe also managed to got to ‘Storytime with Belle’ This is an extremely child oriented show, however it offered a failsafe way to meet Belle in her yellow dress. (She wears her blue dress in Epcot France) You also get a free bookmark. I grabbed some popcorn from a cart, mainly for the souvenir bucket, all Disney Popcorn machine popcorn is vegan and only ‘butter flavoured’. We also grabbed some fruit and some hummus and crackers from Gastons. All of this was done before the 3pm Parade. After the parade we went to my other Fast Passes, the 7 Dwarfs mine train and then managed to meet Tiana!

Tiana was hilarious, I told her I liked her jewelry and she told me she got it through Voodoo, and for me not to get into that. Straight after meeting Tiana we rushed over to meet Snow White! I noticed that the girl behind me in the line was wearing a great Disney bounding outfit.image

After meeting Snow we went to see the classic that is ‘Country Bears Jamboree’ a must do! I love this show.

Our reservation at Trails End was for 7pm so we perused the shops on Main St for a while before going to get the boat over to Fort Wilderness Resort.

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is like a Disney Centerparks equivalent, it is made up of campsites, log cabins and lodges. It is also home of the Disney ranch where the Disney horses and ponies live, Dinner shows- Mickeys Backyard BBQ and Hoop de doo Musical Revue, Bike rental, a play park and lots of wilderness!

We were going to Trails End, a western buffet where a chef specializing in Vegan, Gluten Free and Other special diets works. This is Chef TJ, he currently works in Trails end most nights I believe but ask on the Veg Disney Facebook page for recent visitors to update you on this!

Before our meal we took a nice stroll around the resort.

Check back for my Chef TJ meal review coming soon!