Bundobust- Fast, Delicious and Central

I haven’t written a review in a while and this one has been a long time coming! Just before Christmas I was down after a long day at work and my gorgeous mummy who had been out Christmas shopping came and surprised me when my shift finished, I was ravenous after a 12 hour shift so she said she was treating me to dinner. Pleasantly surprised we headed over to Mowgli in the Corn Exchange (I wanted Indian!) but food had a half hour wait!, I fancied something spicy and remembered a new place opening that day; Bundobust. A friend from Leeds and also lots of my favourite bloggers had mentioned this place to me before, so although I thought we would probably be waiting a while, I decided- If I was going to wait- I might as well try a new place too.

So, of to Bundobust it was, The menu was fully veggie, and nearly completely vegan! We ordered everything that was vegan apart from 3 dishes- cauliflower bhaji, mini dosa and bhel puri. The bar staff gave us some okra fries while we chatted and then we head back over to our table. The food is tapas style if you want a big meal so we ordered quite a bit, if was really affordable though, and they do a good lunch deal as well as a big group everything on the menu special!

Lots of food came out, and every time it did, we presumed it would finally be ours! It wasn’t till nearly an hour later, and the table next to us arriving and ordering with the food arriving within 15 minutes that mum decided to approach a server. We had wanted to be patient as other places had been slated due to teething problems, we presumed they were struggling on the first day. It turned out, our order had not come through! We were given huge apologies from the waitress who fully camped our meal, brought my mum another wine, brought us some nibbles and a free mocktail for me. Outstanding service! And in a polite manner!

Our food arrived within 15 minutes piping hot and with extra rice and dips.

Everything was DELICIOUS, The modern style street food really worked. The Idli were gorgeous, as was the chole and the dhal. The mix of dips and okra fries with mango salt were really unusual and the Kachumber salad was delightfully fresh and well seasoned- it was actually my favourite!


Where’s my food?


Erm we were first…

The mocktail was mango and really tasty too! We really enjoyed the food and the service was great, staff were friendly and chatty, and they allow dogs! If you like craft beer, street food and a bustling atmosphere similar to an Indian market then Bundobust is the place to be, An underground gem in the heart of Manchester. (Between NQ and Picadilly, where the Chinese buffet with the hygiene problem used to be)

I loved Bundobust so much I chose it for my birthday meal in January where it got similar great feedback from all and the service was super fast, they were also accommodating in letting me store my cake in the fridge all day while we played golf with no cake corkage fee . My one complaint is that the hangover brunch options all contain egg and there are no vegan brunch options- maybe they could add a gram flour omelette wrap?

All in all I really recommend Bundobust for a laid back dining experience, which is fun, immersive, colourful and tasty! Food that has lots of flavours and different spices, everything was seasoned well, you can also request extra chillis, If you are me…

Love India x

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