Vegan Dr. Martens Review

Been holding off my review since last January when I got these!

Mine are the patent ‘leather’ type; ‘Cambridge Brush’. They are 100% Synthetic and vegan.

Quality wise, they look and feel like regular Docs. Whether this is a good or bad thing is debatable. I got a small scar on my leg from the tops rubbing, so as with regular Doc Martin boots, be sure to wear thick long socks. I have purchased some of the Dr Marten brand socks and they are pricey (£8!) but worth it!. They are very warm and nice, and unless you are wearing skinny jeans inside your Dr Martens, be sure to grab a pair. I know some people wear short shorts, skirts etc, with no socks or trainer socks. YOU ARE FLIPPING MENTAL!.

I found the fit, true to size, room for socks and even insoles should be left. I recommend trying on lots on the high street before buying online.

Now ‘worn in’ the shoes are pretty much as comfortable as they will ever be I guess. They are strong although as I haven’t had them that long I cant say they will be long lasting. Perhaps others can offer insight into this. Unlike some Dr Martens, they don’t have a policy with regards to their strength of wear and life long last-ability. Mine have stayed waterproof, feel strong and are fine in the snow, scuffs brush off very easily too- the main difference I have found from my Sketchers branded faux dm style shoes- which get very tarnished.

They are an investment at £100 + however should last a while, and I got mine 1/2 price!

If you love Dr Martens and are vegetarian, I think the vegan ones will live up to standards for when  you need replacements! Alternately I heard Vegetarian shoes make some good dupes too!

Thanks for reading my review. On looks though, these are gorgeous. I don’t think this hot pink color is around in the UK currently (apart from ebay) but look! how shiny and cute!

Image result for vegan pink dms


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