V Revolution/ V-Rev Vegan Diner

Vegans of Manchester and beyond probably all know now that, V Revolution previously on Olham Rd right up near Abakhan Haberdashery and The Frog And Bucket, Have relocate to their new premises on Edge St. The new premises is much more central within the Northern Quarter area meaning it is closer to Shudehill and The Arndale as well as other locations Tib Street, Manchester Craft and Design Center, and other places I love such as Bon Bon Chocolate Boutique, Common and Ziferblat (It is located directly opposite pay per minute zone; Ziferblat)

The new location also comes with a revamp to the ‘junk food’ menu. Burgers are handmade from soy and seitan and Chicken Burgers with seitan and faux buttermilk batter; Burgers are now served with fries and in a pretzel roll, Tofu based hot dogs are still offered alongside grilled cheese sandwiches but further new additions include macaroni cheese, sides of chilli and loaded fries and salads. They also now are licensed for boozing with a cheeky cocktail menu for those who aren’t TeeTotal people like me,dryanuary participants or super religious.

On my first visit V Revolution were having their opening day, they have admitted themselves that the first two weeks were chaos. They were shockingly unprepared, ran out of food and the ordering system experienced serious mishaps. I waited until I had heard that people were having better experiences and hour waits were off the cards before posting this review; to be fair. Anyway, It sounds like things are sorted now.

I love the new venue, its very kitsch, filled with incredible vegan artwork from local artists, bright and well lit. One hangup mentioned frequently is people getting hit by the lights though as they do hang very well so this is a design flaw from a practical sense. I particularly loved the mirrors in the restroom area, which is gender neutral, very clean and even had gumball style dispensers for condoms and tampons (vegan of course)

First visit I tried the Grilled Cheese. I really didn’t like it, the ‘cheese’ had stayed in a slice and sweated rather than melting, the sourdough bread was far too crusty for a grilled cheese, it needed to have a bigger circumference, yet was quite thick, crust heavy and chewy meaning it was dry and there was not another cheese to bread in the ratio, the sandwich I opted for also contained ‘toona’. I think it was handmade chickpea tuna however although it tasted good, it was very dried out as the moisture had soaked into the bread leaving me with a dry chickpea crumby paste inside due to the type of cheese used. In the old location V Rev used Violife in their grilled cheeses and pre sliced bread but it was much nicer so they were obviously doing something different cheesewise although Violife is not my favourite. At Vegan Beer Fest they were using Follow your heart cheese in mac and cheese so I thought that at the new venue they might use Follow your heart cheddar or mozzarella shreds which are incredible in grilled cheese sandwiches.

Now onto the more positive.. We also got Elvis Burger and Satay burger. The ‘beef’ burger in the Elvis burger was fine and the burger is loaded with banana, peanut butter and ‘bacon’ however what I loved was the Satay Burger! The ‘chicken’ burger was incredible, huge, delicious and with a yummy coating, seitan perfection. The pretzel roll also meant the buns did not dissolve. The mac and cheese is classic boxed mac and cheese (make sure you know if you like boxed mac and cheese- it does taste artificial- it is meant to) and the fries are similar to those in most fast food joints, proper skinny fries. The milkshakes are great in the new location as the staff use a soft serve vegan ice cream machine! You can even get soft serve on brownie and cookie sandwiches I believe.


Next visit we brought Marnie and she was very accommodated for from a ‘dog friendly’ POV, she was given treats and water too. We got chilli to share, and Mum got ‘Jerry Zinger’ I got Guac to the future. Once again the chicken burgers were really great. Anyone saying V Rev should go back to the old Frys burgers, you are mental!. Too chewy! Meat is chewy… Being vegan does not make your teeth fall out!. The chilli was super good as was the salsa on my burger.

One more reflection I have to mention after a friend brought it up. Plates. The new prices reflect an eat in diner, the old ones reflected a fast food joint. Its like Gourmet Burger Kitchen or TGI fridays now, not Mcdonalds or Burger King; the prices reflect that and so does the atmosphere and food quality. Some people have defended the baskets saying ‘its ‘American Diner Style’. I have been to America- and eaten in many vegan and non vegan places. Fast Food Joints such as Tom and Chee where I paid $4 for a grilled cheese- served in baskets, REAL LIFE American Diners such as Ethos vegan Kitchen did use plates. The papers in the baskets get disgracefully mushed and are waste produce anyway, plates of some sort would be a big but great investment in the future.. Just something to consider and obviously investments like that take a lot of thinking about.

VISIT 1- Service 3/10 (No comps offered, large wait, cold food, milkshakes 40 min before meal, fries 10 mins before burgers, requested condiments after one party member finished eating.) OBVIOUSLY I WOULDN’T JUDGE A PLACE ON THIS ON OPENING DAY THOUGH!

VISIT 1- Food 6.5/10 (It was before they included fries with burgers so most people felt value was lost, fries were cold, grilled cheese not nice. BURGERS 9/10- incredible, Milkshake 9/10- they had run out of toppings although I wouldn’t have known if they didn’t say)

VISIT 2- Service 8/10 (Lovely to Marnie, apologized for wait, staff all looked happy and welcoming)

VISIT 2- Food- 9/10 (Burgers delicious- good cheese, good seitan chicken and yummy BBQ sauce, non dissolving bun, mum said some of the fries were hard)

Overall 8/10 ❤

Good luck V REV! Wishing you all the best,

You have always been a lovely team and your expanded team have kept it that way. The new recipes were very nice and the decorating makes me want to move in!. The decorating is probably one of my favorite bits, especially the art and the selfie mirror, the great bright and happy color scheme and the good lighting. Take that from someone who has to study visual aesthetics, color and lighting at university!. I presume others feel similar as fine dining and Italian restaurants are great with dimmed lighting and wouldn’t suit bright lighting but not sooooo candle lit you can’t see your plate, I have also had discussions where people have agreed ‘red’ or ‘blue’ tinted lighting can be horrible, whatever is causing it, your meal looking pink and red or purple and lilac does not make it look visually appetizing. (Also the food pics look gross, Hello! Instagram!, no seriously, check my photos from the Buddha Lounge 1st visit on this blog- those photos took a lot of labour and still aren’t worthy of a #veganfoodenvy hashtag!) And we vegans love taking photos of food, heck don’t all millennials and post millennials dig that now? In Paperchase we even had a ‘damn, I forgot to Instagram that shit’ post card.

Love and good new year wishes to all my readers!




One thought on “V Revolution/ V-Rev Vegan Diner

  1. Great review, I have yet to visit the new place but like the sound of the burgers. I don’t know if you have already been there or not, but The Teatime Collective in Hulme make some absolutely gorgeous dishes and desserts, all completely vegan , and we’ll priced for the portions you are provided with too. I think they do the best vegan cooked breakfast in the whole of Manchester. Keep up the good work *smiles*.

    – esme upon the Cloud


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