Vegan at Buddha Lounge – updated!

One of my favourite local restaurants is the ‘Buddha Lounge’.
Although my favourite Chinese/Cantonese restaurant is Lotus Vegetarian, the Buddha Lounge is my top choice for Thai food. They offer a sleek stylish interior, relaxed atmosphere and 2 fantastic menus, sporting both Cantonese and Thai food. Nearly every authentic dish can be veganised and staff members are helpful and knowledgeable. Any main has a veggie option which, with the exception of any soups, noodle or rice dishes containing egg, is also vegan. Mum took me there as a birthday treat January 2016 as we had a 50% off coupon.

We ordered veggie mock duck with pancakes and vegetable lettuce wraps to start. The Hoi Sin sauce went wonderfully with the mock duck; the more unusual lettuce wraps were fab too! The filling for these contained rice, minced cashew nuts, carrot, onions and other veggies and seasonings.

For my main I chose Thai Green Curry, as Thai curries rate highly on my list of favourite foods. It was lovely and I could really taste the aromatic lemongrass, hot green chilli and creamy coconut which It contained, amongst other things; tofu, corn, carrot and mangetout. Mum chose the Black Bean Tofu, and we share sides of sticky rice and salt and pepper chips, the latter was really flavoursome and well seasoned. I think there was 5 spice in the salt, or something similar, rather than just chillies and salt tossed on top as in some other places. The Black Bean dish was good but we both agreed that it wasn’t as outstanding as the other stuff.
I got the dessert menu and was happy to see there was also a vegan option, despite this being fruit based. The fruity lychee, pineapple and grape dessert was actually perfect, although possibly when they reshuffle the menu, even more options will be available, not only for the desserts but also for the mains, even though that is quite varied as it stands.

below photos from 18/8/16 (recent visit)

Verdict- top quality food and fantastic service!!

I am dining at the Buddha Lounge again tonight with my Bury vegan group so will add more review content shortly.

* 14 of the vegans from my Bury Vegan group went down to Buddha Lounge last Thursday, they will soon be in a new larger venue so I wanted to go to this one again!

We all choose different dishes, from the fresh and spicy papaya salad to the Szechuan stir fry, the most popular Thai curry was the Massaman, filled with potato and cashew nuts in a mild sauce, the Thai green curry which I had last time was popular too. I tried the Malaysian Kari Ayam as I have never seen that one before, it sounded like a spicier variation of the Penang but without ground peanuts. It was absolutely amazing, a creamy coconut base, red chilli and lots of spices, beancurd and veggies, a nice change from my usual choice of a green curry. I also tried th coconut rice which is mild, creamy and delicious.


India X

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