Update love- Ice Shack, Parties and a beauty salon

Hey everyone, another little update post for y’all, but first look at this yummy plate of goodness I had at Earth Cafe the other week. (2 mains, 2 sides- £7)


Potato pasticcio, Plaintain fritter, courgette olive salad and tofu veggie stirfry

Right now, so… I have been to lots of great Parties of late, 3 of which had 100% vegan catering, my friend Therese had the potluck which I have shown you the amazing cake from. (Which I made!)

My friends Nikki and Pete had a joint party at Pheonix City chinese buffet in Stalybridge which was fantastic and had a photobooth!,

and my friend Rachel had a house party with a vegan cheese fondue, and an attic disco. All the parties were great, thanks guys!

In other news… I visited Ice Shack in Withington. This is a veggie/vegan ice cream parlour and coffee shop with a really cute fun atmosphere. It was totally chilled out and they host lovely events such as board games nights as well as toddler groups and running clubs. I had a gorgeous Oreo soy-milkshake which even had coffee ice cream in it! They do an amazing ice cream sundae with cake or doughnuts, cookies, chocolate and 5 scoops of ice cream in it too! And it is served in a dog bowl!

I am off to V Festival in August so I have been prepping for that as I will be seeing Justin Bieber and everyone else I fancy when they perform there, among-st planning baking schedules for my August vegan events. Rule no- 1 for packing for V festival however should be no playsuits or jumpsuits! Nobody wants to be stark naked in a porta-loo / porta-potty.

And also… You know I love talking Politics… so here’s a picture of free food! Which I got for contributing to an amazing project ‘Propaganda by the People’ animating my views on being Pro- Europe.


Finally the Beauty Salon at Gronn Bury is now open! It is not 100% vegan like the hair salon but very vegan friendly, with massages, manicures, waxing and facials on offer! Get down there! Pre-holiday or pre-Back to school treatments a-plenty.

Love and Hugs

India x

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