Day 13- Florida mall, more bargain outlet shopping and Starwars Fireworks!

The next day was another shopping day! We got the hotel free shuttle to SeaWorld ( a location I would never actually visit for ethical reasons) then got a uber cab to Florida Mall for some shopping, it’s worth noting that the shops don’t open early on Sunday, this was a huge pain! But we did manage to map out our shopping while we waited for stores to open up!


The mall was incredible. Think of the Trafford Center in the UK but with better air circulation, more helpful staff, and lots of areas to sit down. We went to all the more unusual stores first so Crayola store who had a cool pick a crayon feature where you could fill a tin with crayons and markers of all colours, after that M and M’s world to pick up some gifts, Hot Topic, Abercrombie and Fitch as our closest is the Flagship in London, and Sephora. After that Pandora, Build a Bear Workshop and Hollister.

After Florida Mall we went to the Vineland Premium Outlets, where the Chinese stall in the food court had some nice looking spicy tofu so I grabbed that randomly combined with plaintain…. I also got some bits in the Disney Outlet and 2 further pairs of sketchers.


…and finally, when back at our hotel, we decided we could do with squeezing some Walt Disney World time into our day so Boom! We went to Hollywood Studios for the star wars fireworks!

We even managed to ride Star Tours again and…. Meet Olaf! At his new and exclusive meet and greet. We got a nice drink at The Hollywood Brown Derby lounge as I just had to see the interior in that place being a huge Chaplin fan and loving all the Hollywood movie stars. I also picked up the free souvineer recipe cards given out here although if I make them I will of course have to veganaise them. image

After a great firework battle we got back to our hotel room safely! Keep reading guys! And thanks to all of my new subscribers!


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