Day 12- Vegan tourism, Ethos, Ulta, Artichoke Red and Lake Eola!

The next day I was giving mum a break to relax at the hotel and had made some plans to go out with my friend Laurel, up bright and early we boarded her super cute little car and headed through Orlando and up to the Winter Park Area. From what I know this area is a posh area, kind of like the Primrose hill of Orlando, we walked down the main shopping street and went in Pottery Barn… Because hey! It’s pottery barn! I am a huge friends fan and had never seen a pottery barn before.

It was early and we were meeting another friend for food so we also perused the farmers market which was interesting. They had lots of local artisan produce including some vegan pesto, and an ice cream stand for dogs! There were lots of toy breed dogs in strollers! So cute! Providing they like it I have no problem with it. (I wish I could be pushed around on a hot day!)

We went to Ethos Vegan Kitchen for brunch, Cheryl ordered a breakfast burrito, Laurel got Blueberry pancakes and home fries to share, and I got scrambled tofu with biscuit and sausage gravy!


My breakfast was so delicious… Sausage gravy is like a peppery white thick sauce with crumbled sausage rather than being like gravy in England. It was incredible. The biscuit was sweet, light and fluffy and the tofu well seasoned. I also finished some breakfast burrito with bacon, lovely and some fries and the potatoes were nice although not fries like I expected Ie; they were breakfast style potatoes rather than French fries. Personally I was glad I chose my order.


I got filter coffee from the pot too, with frequent refills and a jug of lovely vanilla creamer which didn’t curdle at all. It definitely felt like a ‘real’ breakfast diner experience.


After Cheryl had to go and pack as she was going away, we went to some shops! Ulta, Artichoke red vegan market which reminded me of Out of this world in Leeds and Eigth day.

And Laurel took me to Authenticate ‘The British Store’ it was like the American candy store here and full of overpriced imported foodstuffs! Lots of the stuff I didn’t know was not in America! Bisto Gravy granules, Branston Pickle and other savoury pickles such as Ploughmans and farmers, Marmalade, Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding, Rich Tea Biscuits, Golden Syrup and Sticky Toffee puddings, Christmas cake, Yorkshire pudding mix, dumpling mix, Birds custard, Kendall Mint cake….


Then onto Market on South- a vegan shared venue which hosts handmade markets and music events as well as selling Kombucha and housing 2 vegan food vendors, Dixie Dharma who are famous for their Mac and Cheeze and Sandwiches and Valhalla Bakery who produce delights such as the Smores Bar I featured in an earlier post, however they are famous for their doughnuts and their Nanaimo bars (personally wasn’t keen on the Nanaimo bar)


After visiting Market on South we popped to a vegan friendly coffee bar ‘Drunken Monkey’ Where I had an amazing blueberry muffin! These were both in the Milk District area located close to both Winter park and College Park this isn’t as posh as Winter Park but it was very trendy and hipster-y, Kind of like a Northern Quarter vibe. Then we went onto Lake Eola and on the way visited Woofgang bakery, a cute dog bakery, groomers and shop. I bought some cookies for Marnie.

The lake was lovely and we saw the Baby Swans coming out for a swim, There were also free restrooms and small boats which you could rent.


I even came across an unexpected Disney monument- A  Disney funded outdoor- theatre.



Walt Disney Amphitheater

Then it was time for Wholefoods.

I hadn’t been to a wholefoods before and it was very cool, with pizza, Japanese, bakery and deli stations and over 50% of items being Vegan it was something different. The store was huge, the size of a supermarket in the UK and a bit like Unicorn Grocery but quadrupled in size and more shiny! I got some curries and stirfrys from the hot food part of the salad and food buffet sections, every thing was done by weight and there were tons of tofu dishes, bean dishes, lentil dishes and vegetable dishes. In the chiller there were things such as vegan cheesecakes and raw red velvet cake and all of the popular and more unusual vegan deli meats and artisan nut cheeses. There were large pick n mix candy, snack and fruit sections, grains by weight, and a machine to grind your own fresh nut butters too. Much more than just organic fresh fruit and veggies, I picked up some vegan Parmesan and Jerky and some endangered species chocolate minis but due to not having visited at the beginning of a trip, not having cooking appliances and living in another country/ needing to get a plane I had to skip buying much.


On the way back we even stopped at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a few hours!

After a long and busy day after getting back to the hotel, Mum and I chilled at the bar and I had a swim while watching the ‘Dive in Movie’ which was Night at the Museum.

I have made a video of my food haul;

and my cruelty free beauty haul;


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