Rest day/ Magic Kingdom

The next day we spent at our leisure, we sunbathed on our hotel, ( Champions World Resort) private beach. Went to Target, Starbucks and Dollar tree and then my friend Laurel picked us up for a nice evening in Magic Kingdom!

The hotel grounds are beautiful and relaxing as you can see; like our own private paradise.

Above; all purchased in dollar tree. Video coming soon.

We got to Magic Kingdom at around 6.30 pm. I booked fast passes for both Buzz Lightyear and Haunted Mansion on my IPad. Before going on Buzz, Laurel suggested ‘Monsters inc laugh floor’ this is a stand up comedy style interactive show featuring audience members getting mocked by Monsters Inc characters! It was really fun, I am glad we did it and that Laurel mentioned it as otherwise we wouldn’t have bothered with it.

Next it was time for Buzz and I got an Easy Access for Seven Dwarfs for when we finished. My score on Buzz was pretty terrible as I only ever score well when the ride breaks down! Laurel and I rode Mine Train next, she hadn’t been on it yet as it’s pretty hard to get on so that was cool. I love getting the on ride videos too! It was really cool as the fireworks for Wishes for going off just as we reached the top of the ride before the drop. A must do!

After riding the cute little mermaid ride ( you sit in a clamshell!) and going on Haunted Mansion we headed back to the car as it was getting late and Laurel and I would have a busy day the next day.

India x

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