Vegan feast with Chef TJ- Disney’s Trails End

As I stated on my last post, we went to Trails End Restaurant at Fort Wilderness resort ( via the free boat from the Magic Kingdom gate). The main chef at this buffet;  TJ, is famous for catering for both vegans and those with allergies.

For the same set price as the Omnivorous buffet TJ will whip up special dishes for us vegans! Although he is also super accommodating of both gluten intolerant and allergic guests!

When TJ came out he did the same as all the buffet chefs and ‘toured’ us around our choices. These were super limited at this southern buffet. It was full of chicken, cheese and ribs and that kind of food. We could however have jacket potatoes, 2 salads and mixed leaves. All the veggies etc had cream, butter etc so stay away 🙂

TJ was super apologetic and told us he would take care of us. First he brought bread and vegan butter.


Mum suddenly thought I was wrong about the whole thing despite me showing her pictures of TJ’s creations before we booked the ADR, I told Mum that I was sure he was just cooking and that we hadn’t paid $27 each for bread, potatoes and leaves.

The next course was immense, handmade vegan nachos with fried onions, chillis and a homemade coconut based nacho cheese!


Followed by samosas topped with BBQ sauce, I am not a samosa fan but I don’t mind the Disney samosas however the BBQ sauce made them more tasty. The cheese was winning so far though.


A gorgeous Carrot and Ginger soup followed, this was also coconut based, Mum didn’t have hers as she doesn’t really like Carrot but I loved it as this type of soup is among my favorites.

image We were both stuffed so didn’t manage to finish the main which was amazing fried tofu, and veggies in a sticky marinade on a bed of fried noodles with soy sauce. The dish was savoury and sweet and super delicious! Mum loved the yellow courgette and I loved the giant portabella mushroom! TJ was kind enough to box up our leftovers too! image

However I couldn’t skip dessert! This was dessert….


I ate every mouthful apart from the gummy bears which Mum had and the candy floss which the girl on the next table had. (I don’t like chew candy or candyfloss) The tower was made up of Tofutti cuties (I think thats what they are called, Chocolate tofutti, Chocolate cookies, banana, strawberry, jelly, Hersheys chocolate syrup and mickey sprinkles.

I felt ill afterwards :p

I even took an obligatory photo with the chef!image


Lots of the Disney chefs like making special off menu dishes for ‘special diets’ but Its great one can be so enthusiastic abo
ut it! All the meat eaters on the next table were super jealous so it is super powerful too! Vegans can eat any type of food that omnivores can eat! 🙂 Just Veganized of course….

Be sure to catch a boat to Fort Wilderness to eat at Trails End during your stay in Florida! You could even catch the campfire singalong with Chip and Dale afterwards (Free activity)


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