What’s been on with me, and Vegan cake!

Hi everyone. I have a non Disney related update to share as a break from Disney postings (10 days left!) so here is a general post for y’all. Currently having no job and not being in Uni until September means I have been sourcing some external writing oppurtunities in any spare time I have had from studying and dog care. I am I contact with 2 vegan magazines and have contributed to The Vegan Womble 

My first post concentrates on ways to save money on vegan stuff! Handy for students or anyone pinching the pennies! Check it out!


I have also been baking for local events and parties via my page on Facebook for my treat making.



I will be going to lots of great things this summer, so shall keep you updated on everything as well as future posts I have written aside from my blog and shall also link future YouTube videos!



One thought on “What’s been on with me, and Vegan cake!

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