Day 10, another Magic Kingdom day

Day 10 was another magic kingdom day as in the evening we had a meal booked over at Trails end at Fort Wilderness. The meal was so great it will even get its own blog post.

This post will be quite short because of that. We got the early shuttle to Magic Kingdom and I ran through the ‘no bags’ security leaving mum with all our bags, I got us a great spot to watch rope drop.


I love being at the park gates when they open, this is a must do for every Walt Disney World newbie!

After filtering through I went to some rides! I had Fast Passes for Peter Pans Flight, Barnstormer and Dumbo, so we hit Peter Pan first, and then I used my Easy access pass for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (aka best ride ever!) and did some meeting and greeting!


Early morning pretzelling

I managed to meet Aurora, who meet and greets at her wall and the Fairy Godmother just by the castle. imageWe also managed to got to ‘Storytime with Belle’ This is an extremely child oriented show, however it offered a failsafe way to meet Belle in her yellow dress. (She wears her blue dress in Epcot France) You also get a free bookmark. I grabbed some popcorn from a cart, mainly for the souvenir bucket, all Disney Popcorn machine popcorn is vegan and only ‘butter flavoured’. We also grabbed some fruit and some hummus and crackers from Gastons. All of this was done before the 3pm Parade. After the parade we went to my other Fast Passes, the 7 Dwarfs mine train and then managed to meet Tiana!

Tiana was hilarious, I told her I liked her jewelry and she told me she got it through Voodoo, and for me not to get into that. Straight after meeting Tiana we rushed over to meet Snow White! I noticed that the girl behind me in the line was wearing a great Disney bounding outfit.image

After meeting Snow we went to see the classic that is ‘Country Bears Jamboree’ a must do! I love this show.

Our reservation at Trails End was for 7pm so we perused the shops on Main St for a while before going to get the boat over to Fort Wilderness Resort.

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is like a Disney Centerparks equivalent, it is made up of campsites, log cabins and lodges. It is also home of the Disney ranch where the Disney horses and ponies live, Dinner shows- Mickeys Backyard BBQ and Hoop de doo Musical Revue, Bike rental, a play park and lots of wilderness!

We were going to Trails End, a western buffet where a chef specializing in Vegan, Gluten Free and Other special diets works. This is Chef TJ, he currently works in Trails end most nights I believe but ask on the Veg Disney Facebook page for recent visitors to update you on this!

Before our meal we took a nice stroll around the resort.

Check back for my Chef TJ meal review coming soon!

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