Day 9- Blizzard Beach,T-Rex Cafe and Disney Springs

On our next day we decided to head to one of disneys water parks, as uk visitors, our 14 day passes included entry to both waterparks! We got a shuttle from Animal Kingdom to Blizzard beach water park. Blizzard beach has super cool theming; it is themed like a melting ski resort! There is also a matching miniature golf course; blizzard beach.

The outdoor water parks in America are completely different to the indoor ones we have here in the uk, there are lots of sun loungers and places to react, the large areas, dry land and the sand which is at Disney water parks meant these were like actual water theme parks rather than being glorified swimming pools! There were huge intense slides and lots of little ones too, as well as a wave pool, lazy river and a little kids water play area and a tween obstacle course thing.

There were also shops and places to eat so be sure to invest in a cover up or kaftan. My cover up is an Ariel one from hot topic!

We left after around 2 hours which was enough I ever for me but I know some families do stay for ages with the kids getting in and out of the water for ice creams and the parents relaxing and lounging around.

We caught a shuttle to Conorado resort and then we transferred to another shuttle taking us to Disney springs for some shopping!


I went to Basin again for more goodies- this one was even bigger than the one in the Grand Floridian, like a giant super Lush! All natural soapy /skincare goodness

I went in all the shops! Disney springs marketplace has a huge amount of different shops, a tea and spice shop, goofys candy co, little miss matched which was a cute girly shop for kids and tweens selling odd socks, clothes and accessories, toy shops, The world of Disney; the biggest Disney store at Disney property, rainforest cafe shop, D tech where you can design your own phone or tablet case, Trend D where you can get stylish Disney apparel and lots of others such as pin shops and Christmas shops.


I was excited to go to Design a Tee however it wasn’t what I imagined, although I reckon it would be really exciting for kids. Basically you choose from generic designs of all the characters, (although it is not really all, it is mainly more popular characters) and choose your colour and text. You can write whatever you like on your shirt! At around $30 for a tee, I gave it a miss as there were cuter pre made shirts I loved at lower prices!

We did pick up some nice lip balms with SPF protection in Rainforest Cafe though, the brand was Sunbum, mum chose mango and I chose coconut as I absolutely adore any coconut scented products or coconut flavours. We also went to the Lego Store, they had some amazing Lego sculptures of various characters including a scene from 7 dwarfs mine train so it is worth having a look even if you have no intention of buying any Lego!

We had a reservation at a T Rex cafe at 4 so we walked over there so we did not miss it. I have never heard good things about vegan food at any of the Landrys restaurants but I love the theming in Rainforest Cafe so I wanted to try the dinosaur version! Who doesn’t love dinosaurs!

Our experience with our server, was unfortunately negative, he was very dismissive and thought that veganism was extremely entertaining. I have heard from other vegans on the Veg Disney Facebook page that they have also received bad service from severs in Rainforest and Trex in Disney Springs, they are not Disney owned, and landrys are not very accommodating, after being quite dismissively told I could only eat fries and a side salad. I requested the Jurassic salad and quesadillas with salsa and black beans but with no cheese or chicken. Mum got the children’s tomato pasta and some bruschetta, the children’s pasta had a side included so I got to have mums corn too! The food, once attacked with sauce and Tabasco was good, it was basic, nothing special obviously but filling. Other vegan things on the menu were the Omnivores delight without cheese, the regular pasta veganised, the waffle fries, rice and the sorbet. Although the food was sub par and the service lack lustre, I loved our visit to this place!


The decor in the T. rex is themed to take you back in time to a Jurassic world! There are boulders, water features, volcanos and huge animatronic dinosaurs and mammoths! Every 10 to 20 minutes there were meteor showers staged which were really cool! A really fantastic experience in that sense, very immersive and a unique dining experience.

We used a Landrys rewards card to pay for our meal, you can buy one of these for $25 and the price is redeemable as your ‘welcome reward’. A further $25 is rewarded to your card on your birthday, so be sure to make your registration birthday, your Disney birthday!

After our meal and a visit to the toilet to look at fossils! We went next door to the T Rex shop and Build a Dino. Build a Dino is owned by Build a Bear Workshop, and it is exactly the same but with Dinosaurs! Kids can choose a Dino, perform the heart ceremony, assist stuffing, choose outfits, create a birth certificate and then read the ‘Dino’ promise. Super Cute! I have worked in Build a Bear Workshop in the Uk and I adore the Bears and the brand! So I absolutely had to pick up a bear/Dino for Sebastian, my nephew. I was going to go for a pink triceratops as Seb loves pink, but because I wanted his new buddy to last him a long time, I chose a purple T. rex in case he decides he has out grown pick sparkles at any point.


After Dino making fun, I headed on over to Erin Mckenna’s Bakery again! This time I tried a chocolate chip layer cake with cookies in it and chocolate and vanilla frosting which the server said was called ‘Bakers Delight’ ,a chocolate soft serve ice cream with cookie crumbs and a slice of pumpkin chocolate loaf. I had the chocolate loaf for breakfast and it was moist and delicious! The cake was good too, I love the Erin McKenna frosting, it is coconut oil based and very tasty!


Seb’s Birthday Dino!

We really enjoyed our visit to Disney Springs for shopping and a nice themed meal!

Keep an eye out for the next post!

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