Epcot and Hollywood studios for Seasonal dine!

Our next day, once dressed in my new bargain dress, I decided we ought to try a split day! So we got an early start in Epcot to explore the other countries.

I adored the shops at Epcot, especially popular is the Mitsukoshi Store in Japan, selling a huge range of Japaneses imports; kimonos, chopsticks and crazy candy.  I picked up some ‘Studio Ghibli’ stuff for my sister, Nic, and some Sanrio stuff for me and my friends.  If you like Totoro, Kiki, Panyo or Hello Kitty and friends, then have a look in Mitsukoshi.

After Japan, we went to France.  The Paris area was mum’s favourite.  It reminded me of Mike and Frankie on ‘The Middle’ – “we’ll always have fake Paris!” The sorbet in Paris is gorgeous and vegan, I grabbed a scoop of mixed berry, mum got chocolate ice cream, which she recommends all you non-vegans try.  It can be served with Chantilly cream.

Next it was time to see some fish and read up on Manatee conservation at The Seas.  We also went on The Nemo ride and visited Turtle Talk with Crush.  Turtle Talk was brilliant, it’s an interactive show but some of the questions and responses from the children were hilarious.

Time to go over to Hollywood Studios, so we popped onto a Disney Bus for ……..another character meal!

We had booked Minnie’s Seasonal Dine.  The chef talked me through the buffet. where I chose rice, pretzel bread, bread, peas, tater tots, roast potatoes, kohlrabi and a ton of different salads.

The chef also brought me sweetcorn without butter and spaghetti with lentil meatballs.  Now, I did double check with him, saying that I had allergies, so was he sure there was no egg in the balls, he told me they were lentil soy base and 100% vegan   meatballs, however some people are telling me this is not true and that other chefs told them different.

Dessert was house made vegan brownies and coconut ice cream, which I am told are also offered next door at 50s Prime Time Diner.  They were very good but the coconut ice cream won the show for me!

Spot on!  It was a nice meal, we got a memory maker picture with Daisy , a special autograph card and a basket to play ‘pass the basket’ which was supplied as the ‘table activity’ for spring.  All the characters wore springtime attire, this changes seasonally.  As we had booked as part of the ‘Fantastmic’ package we also got priority seating that night for the show, so we did not have to queue for ages just to get a good view.

Fantasmic was amazing!!  I won’t ruin it for anyone who has not yet seen it with too many details,  but it’s a live action Fantasia based adventure starring tons of characters and Sorcerer Mickey.  It is on a water theatre and combines water, set projections, fire, live action, cast members, music and lasers to create a really exciting and magical evening spectacular.  It was our favourite out of the Illumination Reflections of Earth, Wishes and Celebrate the Magic, and even the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular evening events (firework/light shows).

The evening shows at Disney are more than just fireworks; they all have several other visual aspects such as water and projections (apart from Star Wars) and they all fit with the music used beautifully.




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