Day 7- Big Giant Shopping Fest at International Premium Outlets

Today was exciting! It was shopping day!

We weren’t relying on a resort shuttle so I had the hotel breakfast buffet, it was nicely surprising, I had toast with chocolate syrup, a cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter and jam, cereal with milk I had bought at the supermarket, melon, pineapple, cinnamon sugared pecans, a banana and some grits. Very full and feeling I had got my monies worth we grabbed an uber taxi to the Orlando International Premium Outlets. This was further than the Vineland location, it was up on Idrive in Orlando but I heard it was bigger, and it had the Victorias Secret Outlet.


In VS I got a dress, cardigan, pullover and the 5 for $25 pantie deal, I tried on some bras but none of the recent ranges which I love (the really comfortable lacey unwired style ones) were in stock and the prices weren’t as heavily discounted as I expected.

We moved on to Sketchers for some gorgeous shoes, Shoe comfort-ability is super important to me. Then American Apparel and Amercian Eagel, Didn’t see anything striking in either so we went to Aeropostle! They had 30% off all sale prices, so I went a little mad. $3 Tees….

Next the Disney Outlet, I have done a video especially for this bad boy! You will not believe how incredible it is! Real Disney Parks merchandise from both WDW and Disney Land at up to 70% off! Clothes, Toys, Christmas Decor…. You name it!

We got hungry at 3ish so had some lunch, Mum had some noodles but I fancied something more ‘junky’ so I had the veggie option at five guys which is basically a bun fully loaded with all the salad veggies, fried onions and mushrooms and all of the sauces except mayo, the cajun fries were the best bit though!

Not to forget Claires who had some nice cheap $1 subtle jewelry. Nice in that it looked expensive but wasn’t. The ditsy style of the chains was super cute but the price means you wouldn’t kill yourself if one were to get lost, say at a festival etc.

I also liked Justice, Its a kid- tween shop but some of the things were quite cool; I grabbed some nice vests. Then the Yankee Candle Store where I finally got a Wax Tart melter (Its electronic and was only $12!)

Mum went to the Levi outlet where she got some nice jeans for just £25 dollars and some shorts for the same, she said they are the most comfortable denims ever… Then onto Gymboree which is a kids clothes shop for Sebastian gifts. We looked in more shops, but didn’t buy anything else, If you like The North Face though, they had some jackets and coats at 50% off.

We uber-ed back to the hotel where I had a nice swim in the non covered pool before having another Amy’s Kitchen meal. I was happy with my purchases, I always feel guilty after shopping but at least I know I had saved all of my money from work and birthdays and some huge savings were made!

Here is the Haul video!-

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