Day 6- Animal Kingdom + Sanaa


Today was Mothers Day in America, So we planned to visit the park which Mum thought would be her favorite; Animal Kingdom!

We arrived at 9ish and it was nice to see that cast members were giving roses to all the Mummys and Mommys at the gate. First of all went to meet Doug and Russell from UP! Straight after this I had a fast pass to Meet Mickey and Minnie, then following this we walked straight into a showing of; ‘It’s Tough to be a Bug’.

This cute attraction is inside the beautiful ‘Tree of Life’ (The carved tree in the center of Animal Kingdom is stunning- every time we looked at it we saw more animals!) The attraction is a short 4d film about the different ways bugs protect themselves based on the movie ‘A Bugs Life’. There are lots of little surprises along the way and if you have a serious bug phobia I would stay away! We personally loved it and it is a long standing attraction within Animal Kingdom.

Next it was time to head on over for our next fast pass- Kilimanjaro Safaris. We saw Crocs, Elephants, Lions, Elephants, Flamingo and Baby Giraffes! A must do! (The lions were sleeping but apparently are more active in the evening ) As the jeeps have to keep moving, we didn’t get tons of good photographs but I got quite a few.

Next we got a snack- Samosas from Mr Kamals. This stand does lots of vegan treats- Samosas with mango salsa, Falafel, Pitta and Hummus, Asian noodle salad, Fruit salad and Edamame beans! The samosas were the same ones sold all over Animal Kingdom and the salsa was delicious! They weren’t spicy though so don’t fear them if your a big wuss like some of my pals when it comes to chilli heat. There wasn’t much of a line to see the Jungle book characters so we met them next. I had a little dance with King Louie which was cool, I love the new live action movie too though!

We went to see the animals at the jungle trek next- and Mum was amazingly happy to watch the tiger! I liked the birds and monkeys too. After a fastpass viewing of the Nemo musical featuring the amazing Dory we had a go on the old fashioned fairground games in the Dino area. We did find these games overpriced but I love them! (even if the cans are fixed)

I was hungry so I got some lunch; a tasty pizza from ‘Pizzafari’ – They have a special ‘Vegan Pizza’ button on the till and the pizza has Follow Your Heart cheese shreds on it. It was small as a ‘personal’ size pizza but I had been snacking and was having a big dinner so that didn’t bother me although it couldn’t have been shared. It was topped with a nice fresh mix of veggies and the sauce was nice and tasted like real tomatoes not artificial flavoring so I am guessing it was fresh too.

We then went over to Terra Treats- They are the allergy kiosk in Animal Kingdom and sell hummus and veggies, gluten free bagels and Erin Mckenna vegan brownies, cookies and doughnuts. I also grabbed a Mocha Chip Coconut Frappe in Starbucks after the manager got the allergy guide and checked- the chips are dark choc and milk free. Delicious! And we met Thumper! I think he is a rare M and G so that it was possibly a cast member in training. He was in the spot where you usually find a character from ‘A bugs Life’

I had a DAS pass for a ride; Kali River Rapids, so we used that and wow…. you get SOAKED on this ride. The cast members said it depends on where you sit… but everyone in our boat got absolutely drenched through! There’s a similar ride in Alton towers, its a basic spinning flume ride and lots of fun. However our knickers, socks and clothes all got wet! I dried my socks and go walks in the Dyson airblade dryer in the restroom hoping the sun would dry the rest of me. It was really hilarious.

We exited the park and got the Disney bus to Animal Kingdom lodge for our dinner, Mums panties squelching under her pants on the plastic seat as we shivered due to that darn Disney bus aircon.

Arriving at the 1st stop of the Animal Kingdom Lodge, we decided to head to Sanaa, there was a short wait for a table so we were happy to be seated at the bar. (We like chatting to people at the bars anyway)

Exceptional food was on its way! We ordered the Indian bread board, multiple dips with vegan AND gluten free naan breads. The flat breads were out of this world and the dips just as good. Mum liked the tomato one best and my favorite was the tamarind. But we loved them all from the sweet to the tangy to the hot! Garlic, hummus, mint, date, mango, chilli and more! I also got a salad plate- the sampler consisted of 3 salads although my favorite was the utterly refreshing watermelon, Mum went for some more Samosas too. There’s also a lovely sorbet on offer.

Although we decided on a Mezze style meal, the Sanaa also sell currys and have a seperate vegan/meat gluten free/allergy menu where you can get the vegan chickpea curry with rice and a few other options. I think these would be good if you were on the Disney Dining plan as they were $17.99. Our bread board was $12.99 and the other starters were around $8 making this astounding meal good value. It was full of good tastes and different ingredients so we could try lots of flavors and we were both STUFFED!

Whilst waiting for our Uber we sat at the campfire watching the Zebras and Giraffes and listening to the African music.


Do check back soon

Indy x

2 thoughts on “Day 6- Animal Kingdom + Sanaa

    • I wish we had something comparable in the Uk (then again our climate isn’t very nice for animals I always think), on our 2nd day we went to the conservation station which was incredible


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