Club Villan Dining Event!

Club villan is one of Disney Worlds newest VIP dining event, it is like a cross between one of their ‘Desserts Party’s’ and a character meal, but with added entertainment like at one of the seasonal after hours parties. It is expensive at $129 dollars but Mum went and treated me by booking it!

There were 2 slots, 6pm and 9pm, we booked the later; the park would be closed (COOL) and we guessed there would be less little ones. It was a really fun evening and did have a ‘grown up’ feel to it, despite their being 2 tables with kids. I don’t think very little ones would not enjoy it, the villans stayed in character, it was quite loud and dark. I would say its best suited to tweens to adults.

Our tickets included buffet food, unlimited drinks (themed ‘Villan’ cocktails for each villan, other alcoholic beverages, cans of soda, bottles of water, punch and hot drinks including herbal teas and coffees with syrup!, entertainment and scheduled meet and greets.

After a champagne reception outside guests were escorted to tables, we shared with 2 other ladies, we were given cards with our meet and greet times and a chef came to speak to me as I had emailed special diets. I was told that all the vegetarian dishes were in fact vegan! Delicious beans, dirty rice, kale and collard greens and green beans. I liked the beans best, they were in a delicious tomato stew sauce, the kale dish was mums favorite, It had dried fruit in it too which was nice. The green beans were infused with garlic and the rice was flavour some too. I thought all of the dishes were equally tasty and seasoned to perfection. Food was unlimited so I had 3 plates full. For none vegans there were also lots of meat and cheese based dishes with the same new Orleans style. As we ate their were small amounts of live entertainment from the Villans and Dr Facilier interspersed with music from the DJ and dancing from the 2 performers.

Next it was time for our first 2 meet and greets, The Queen of Hearts and the Evil Queen. Both were excellent and extremely good at portraying themselves accurately. Queen of hearts seemed surprised when I told her I completely agreed that the cards heads simply had to come off for their stupidity!


My desserts were brought to our table shortly after! I was astounded by how much I got (I hadn’t got my hopes up!) I chocolate cupcake, 1 vanilla cupcake, 2 sugar cookies, 3 chocolate cookies, Fruit, vegan whipped cream, a queen of hearts strawberry shortcake dessert pot, and a chocolate protein bar! I couldn’t finish it all so I took the shop made stuff back with us and ate the fresh baked goods, fruit and cream. I was absolutely stuffed but it was all actually really good, the cream was amazing, sweet and light, and the cakes were yummy too, I liked the chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting best, it was really rich and delicious, but the strawberry shortcake pot (cake, cream, jam and a strawberry) was tasty too yet very sweet!. Non vegans also got plenty of desserts; macarons, dipped strawberrys, dessert pots, and cupcakes- all themed like the villans and all unlimited.image

Next a scheduled Cha Cha slide type dance with Dr Facilier and the DJ, lots of fun!

It was time to meet 2 more villans now! Maleficent complemented me by saying I looked just like her god-daughter Aurora. She asked if I also spoke to woodland creatures. I said I did not but I did speak to dogs and cats and she told me I was also ‘ a very strange strange girl’PhotoPass_Visiting_Disneys_Hollywood_Studios_7680728865

Cruella was amazing- my favorite to meet, She decided she wanted to make my dog Marnie into a hat as she was just like a dalmation with extra color (she is a tri colour Jack Russell cross). I wouldn’t tell her the name of our dog sitter and she pretended to be plotting to find Marnie, it was hilarious and she talked to me for ages.PhotoPass_Visiting_Disneys_Hollywood_Studios_7680733593

Following this the Queen of Hearts and Cruella seemed to get bored, they joined us on the dance floor, it was so incredible to be actually dancing with the characters, they danced and chatted for ages, teasing people and dragging people up to link up with them and dance, I never thought I would link up with Cruella Devil and be spun around!

Overall this party was incredible! Even though I am too young to drink in the states and could not make the most of the unlimited cocktails, I had 2 cups of coffee with vanilla syrup and lots of food and dessert and Mum had 2 cocktails and food and we took 4 bottles of water and 3 cans of Coke with us. We also got entry into an extremely well themed disco room where the event took place, an evening of music and entertainment and lots of photo pass meet and greet pictures. I would say that I think the party should be an hour longer but that is my only recommendation. I loved the theming, especially the poison apple glitter ball which reminded me of the glitter skull at Spooky Island in Scooby Doo the movie. We felt like VIP’s and I would recommend Club Villan.

After the event we got to walk through a closed Hollywood Studios, also very cool for a Disney fan and we weren’t rushed so everyone was stopping to take photos.



One thought on “Club Villan Dining Event!

  1. I’m really enjoying reading your posts. I’ve been there twice, and you’re re-awakening all the magic moments for me. You write very well 🙂


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