Day 5- Hollywood Studios

Today it was time for another park, Hollywood Studios, so we got the shuttle to AK at 8.30 then a Disney bus transfer- I love the often overlooked HWS park at DLP so was looking forward to what this one had to offer although as I love Animation Academy I was sad to hear It had been closed as part of the Starwars Renovations!


After meeting all of the characters, infront of the Chinese theatre (with no long lines!) I discovered I had filled my autograph book… so I bought another one! We also used a photo pass photographer to take pictures in the Hollywood hand print area. Next up I had 2 fastpasses so we used those; Startours and The Little Mermaid show. I loved the Star Tours ride, it was 10x better than the Paris equivalent, and it had been updated with cameos from the new movie. I had heard there were 3 sequences, we got the underwater one, which is apparently the best. By far my favorite simulator ride ever!image

We headed over to ‘Walt Disney; One Mans Dream’ next, its an exhibit type walkthrough and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Although we knew most of the facts from watching Walt Before Mickey and As Dreamers Do, and from books and the internet, I loved seeing all of the photos and artifacts. It was totally cool to see Walt’s actual desk!

A must do attraction whether you are Disney obsessed or not. The attraction also featured the first TV ad for Disneyland featuring Walt himself and videos from a meeting discussing Disney World/ Epcot Plans, I got slightly tearful that Walt never got to see the Walt Disney World dream come true. The end was cool too, all about ‘other lands’ parks, so we got to see bits from Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai plans. Now, the attraction used to finish with a video about Walt but now it houses a preview cinema for new movies. We got to see an exclusive ‘Alice through the looking Glass’ preview, this was super exciting as I love Alice and the Tim Burton Alice franchise featuring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.  A few more rides and some more shopping later it was 4 and nearly time to go, catching the 4.30 shuttle back to our hotel. I should mention that in the morning picked up a hat in the store as my head was too hot, so advice… bring a hat (unless of course you want an excuse to pick up a cute Disney hat costing 19.99/// which you wouldn’t usually spend on a hat).

The reason we left so early was to prep for going to the hottest party in Kissimmee, Club Villan, review to follow.


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