Day 4- Grand Floridian and Wishes!

On our 4th day we took the monorail from Epcot to the Grand Floridian hotel, we had booked an ADR for a ‘Supercalifragilistic Breakfast at 1900 park fare’ via the My Disney experience app. This character meal is at the beautiful Disney hotel ‘The Grand Floridian’, it is with Mary Poppins, Alice and the Hatter and Pooh! I call it the ‘British character breakfast’

The Grand Floridian is very grand indeed, I think it is the most beautiful Walt Disney World resort hotel. It is home of a beautiful Victorian style wedding arch, pavilion and chapel, which is one of the places in Disney world where you can choose to get married (and the one I want to pick!) We went for a walk to the pavilion, and then down to the beach. Remember- it is free to look around any of the resorts- most of them are great to wander around.

When it was time for our meal, we got a photopass picture from the photographer and then entered the restaurant. When our server brought our pot of coffee, I informed her of my dietary requirements (always do this when dining at a Disney world Buffet) Our server got the chef and I told him I was vegan, he informed me what I could eat on the buffet- Tater tots, potatoes, Salsa, Guacamole, cereal, fresh fruit, dried fruit, bananas, apples, plain bagels, brown bread, white bread, capers, jalapenos, wraps. He told me he would bring vegan butter and if I would prefer Soy, Rice or almond milk. I got a glass of Rice milk for my cereal and coffee. The chef then asked if there was anything else I would like such as oatmeal without milk in it or vegan waffles. I asked for ‘a few waffles’ and the chef brought 3 gluten free and vegan mickey waffles, and some vegan chocolate chip cookies. The waffles and maple syrup were delicious, as was the guacamole wrap I constructed from the buffet! I was happy with the food I got, and very full! As well as coffee we also had orange juice.

The characters at the meal were fab, Mary told me that If I met Peter Pan and he told me I didn’t have to grow up, to ignore him as everyone has to do it some day (I was wearing an 18th birthday badge). Alice told me to keep an eye on my Cheshire cat sunglasses as he has a tendency to disappear. Mad Hatter was great too and joined me in an un birthday dance! I was completely overwhelmed by my first WDW character meal!

After breakfast we went to the 2 shops in the hotel – one was a generic Disney parks merchandise gift shop and the other was Basin. I had heard about this store and its basically LUSH but located only in Disney World. I had to get some Mickey Bath Bombs whilst I was there and I was glad to see it was cheaper than Lush too! Everything was cruelty free and made with good stuff! They sold massage bars, facials, lip scrubs, shampoo bars, solid perfume and soap too.

We got the boat to Magic Kingdom rather than the monorail and after an enjoyable boat journey we went to Haunted Mansion for our 11am fast pass! Straight after that we got in line and I met Peter Pan! Peter Pan was extremely characterized and exactly how I imagined, however watching the girls in front of me in line try to flirt with him was both disturbing and hilarious! One even asked him out for pizza!

I met Aladdin and Jasmine in Adventure land following this, and rode the Magic Carpets. After that we did more rides! The Carousel, Tea cups, Barnstormer and Buzz Lightyear *I got a terrible score on Buzz….

I decided to book a spot on the Seven Dwarfs mine train using my DAS pass so we did that next before getting some food. We went over to Columbia Harbour House where the Chilli is vegan and so is the Hummus sandwich (order without slaw). We got some chilli and fries. The chilli was good, it had sweetcorn, veggies and beans, it was quite soup like though so if you like a dry chilli then steer clear. On the way out we witnessed a special float for the invictus games for disabled soldiers founded by prince Harry!

After food I had a Fast Pass to meet Ariel so we did that. Ariel asked me if I had ever tried a seaweed smoothie… I think she was surprised when I said I had! (it was a sea kelp, banana and hemp milk thing at a vegan cafe), We did some other things such as picking up some free trading cards to play the sorcerers of the magic kingdom card game, and shopping. And then it was time for SEVEN DWARFS!

This ride is amazing, not too intense but still fun, its a runaway mine train family coaster with very cute theming and a slightly addictive nature to it! Another bonus is the fact you get an on ride video! on your memory maker.

After my new favorite ride we popped onto the iconic ‘Its a Small world’ (I love this ride, I even have the singing dolls) Immediately following this we picked up some nuts and found our spot to watch the Electrical parade.

This parade has been going a long time but has been well maintained and it was my favorite parade from our trip, truly magical. Straight after the parade it was Celebrate the Magic – a musical show featuring projections on the castle to Disney music (and zip wiring Tinkerbell!) and the Wishes Fireworks which were just as breath taking as the ones at Epcot. It is definitely worth staying late to watch the shows. (If you have been to Disneyland Paris then Dreams is basically Wishes and Celebrate the Magic but combined)


We rushed back for our coach and didn’t get back to our hotel till extremely late so we were glad we had an early night the day before.

India (PS- more posts to come!)

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