Holiday report day 3- Magic Kingdom!

This day I was super excited as it was our first day in Magic Kingdom. We got up bright and early at 6.30AM and got on our shuttle at 7.30. After getting dropped at Epcot we rode the free monorail to the Transportation and Ticket center (magic kingdom car park area) then we got the park monorail to the Magic Kingdom entrance.image

We were in time for Magic Kingdom Rope drop which was amazing! If you haven’t been to a Disney park  before then I would recommend it. Everyday before park opening there is a little show with singing and the characters, a celebration of park opening with a count down and everything.

Before breakfast I went to meet Tinkerbell in the town square theater, 5 min wait and a great interactive meet and greet, the cast member was brilliant and really captured Tink’s essence and personality. We went to guest services to register my Magic Band for the DAS system (Disabled person pass). Then it was time for Mickey pretzels and coffee. If you are in the Magic Kingdom park at opening, unless you have booked a breakfast at one of restaurants such as Be Our Guest, there are limited breakfast choices, plus breakfast in Starbucks does not have soy porridge like in the standard locations, so on our early mornings when we had not booked a sit down breakfast, I just grabbed a pretzel or took a cliff bar or a doughnut with me. Mickey Pretzels are $5 and delicious, and I also got some vanilla soy milk in Gastons Tavern where we got our coffee.

I met tons of characters this day, so rather than go through all the times etc, which could get boring…. I made a list.

Ugly Sisters- Outside in Fantasyland, these two were hilarious and they had a huge discussion with me, apparently I am now their social media manager (LOL) and have been told to make them famous on twitter and get them lots of followers so Disney will manufacture merchandise without the ugly Cinderella on it!

Anna and Elsa- It is hard to get this meet and greet, fastpasses get booked far in advance and the time for waiting in line is usually 2  hours or more, so I used my DAS pass to get a return time. Elsa loved my Elsa inspired clothing!

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger- Outside their ride. After we rode the Winnie the Pooh ride, I met Winnie and Tigger. Pooh was my first ever meet when I first went to Disney Paris when I was little so this was really special and emotional for us.image

Rapunzel and Cinderella- These two meet together like Anna and Elsa, not the most interactive characters but they both complemented my hair which was cool, so I’m okay with that.

The best fast pass I had booked for this day was for Pirates of The Caribbean. Unlike most rides, I actually prefer the Paris one; it has more drops and is more similar to the original in California. You see the Pirates movies were based on the ride but the ride in Florida has been ‘updated’ to be based on the movies (a little confusing I know) so rather than being authentic, they have lots of Captain Jack in them. Still an amazing ride though! Great special effects with the fire cannons and animatronics. We met the ‘real’ Jack on the way out too!

For lunch we went to Be Our Guest where I had pre-booked a quick service meal (due to being popular/new you can make dining reservations even though this is a quick service not a table service) I had the french onion soup without cheese as it is rare to get veggie/vegan french onion soup, mum got the cheese quiche and then we got some fries. The food wasn’t amazing but the big attraction was the huge themed ballrooms as you dine in ‘Belles castle’ The quinoa salad and sorbet here are vegan too.

After lunch we went to the parade, we had already visited the move it shake it dance party street parade which was amazing enough!… but as with all Disney parades, the main parade was SPECTACULAR! The floats were extremely well maintained and the dancers so talented, I loved this parade, so magical! My favorite float was the Peter pan pirate ship closely followed by the ‘Tangled’ float where a very handsome Flynn rider swung back and forth on a pillar. All the main Magic Kingdom characters were featured in the parade and we got a great spot without pushing or arriving early. The park wasn’t too busy, probably due to the rain the day before, even though it had been glorious weather since.

After a few more rides and a Dole whip (Pineapple soft serve ice cream suitable for vegans) we went and got our 6pm coach back to the hotel where we had some ready meals in our room and then chatted with lots of different people in the hotel bar until late.

Keep reading, India


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