Holiday report Day 2- Grocery shopping and Epcot

We were EXTREMELY tired the next morning, so after awakening to a storm and me eating the s’mores bar which Ronnie and Laurel brought me from ‘Market On South’we got an Uber cab $5 to Target. This was free with a promo code. We stocked up on groceries with our bill including a few items such as socks, ELF makeup, ziplock bags and dishes coming to $140. We went to the Starbucks inside Target whilst waiting for the storm to ease and I got a coconut milk cinnamon latte which was super delicious. I loved my experience in Target, its huge with lots of departments and much more impressive than any of our super markets in my opinion.

I will write a second post about tips for grocery shopping as a vegan vacationing in the states in the future.


After we went to Target we got the 11.35 hotel shuttle to Epcot. By this point it was throwing it down with rain so we bought 2 rain macs in the hotel gift shop. The ponchos were $7.99 each. The hotel shuttle from our hotel Champions World Resort was very reliable although as it is shared with 2 other hotels, you do sometimes have to stand up. It travels to all of the Disney parks except Magic Kingdom obviously.

Upon arriving in Epcot we went to the 3 Fast Pass+ attractions I had prebooked. Unlike in most other theme parks; at Disney the Fast Pass service is free. You can also book 3 rides/shows per person per day online in advance. You can do this on the free My Disney Experience app which is on both Android and IOS or just use the website.

Due to the rain, Epcot was empty which was pretty  cool, we noticed all of the rides and attractions were walk ons! However I didn’t want to waste my Fast Passes so we jumped on Mission Space, The Disney and Pixar movie marathon (pixar short film La Luna and Disney Mickey cartoon get a horse at that time) and the Figment ride. During the movie marathon a lady cried during the Pixar short which was pretty funny but I do get her emotions- Pixar animators hit you with some pretty tear jerking stuff (Don’t get me started on UP).

Mission Space was great too- its a space shuttle themed simulator, but I like the fact you can choose the level of intensity you want. The green team ride I chose wasn’t too intense at all.

After those 3 attractions we went to look at the butterfly’s which was tons of fun. The caterpillar and butterfly ‘house’ is only at Epcot during the Flower and Garden festival in the spring though. If you like pretty things then Flower and Garden is a fabulous time to visit. Mum loved the multitudes of different themed topiaries but neither of us could choose a favourite.

Next stop was lunch, Sunshine Seasons food court had quite a wide variety of vegan options, thai noodles, cous cous, a vegetarian platter with hummus etc. I chose the Vegan Korma curry (It is made with Gardein Chick’n chunks which are similar to the Frys ones in the Uk but nicer). The curry was nice but too mild for me; being a korma. I grabbed some hot sauce and drizzled that on top. Mum chose a veggie option of a vegetable flatbread with cheese and potato salad. We both liked our lunches enough, for quick serve food it was certainly nicer than the options of french fries or vegetable sandwiches in Disney Land Paris.

We decided to explore some countries next, I managed to meet Mulan with no wait, and we saw the Chinese acrobats who were incredible! The rain began to get heavier in the America area so we rushed into the nearest attraction. ‘The American Adventure’ This probably is not meant to be a comedic attraction but basically its the entire history of the country in 20 mins- there is a funny bit (well I found it funny) where an angry Native American starts yelling about the journey so far meaning the death of their people, but that’s glossed over super fast. I enjoyed the attraction though- quite educational for kids who aren’t from the states, gives you a summary of the pilgrims, presidents and a few other important figures. It also finishes with a super cute yet cheesy montage of all the amazing people who have come from the ‘amazing blending pot’ of the country of america or who have moved their to live their own ‘American dream’. This included Heroes, Athletes, Musicians, Inventors and of course Walt himself.

As the rain had eased off we left the World Showcase and went back to Future World where I managed to ‘walk in’ to meet Minnie, Goofy and Pluto with no wait, Baymax with a 3 min wait and Joy and Sadness with a 10 min wait. Small benefit to the rain!

We just messed around in shops and I got more Starbucks as we waited for Illuminations (the Epcot fireworks) which obviously were spectacular.

After the amazing fireworks we walked back to our shuttle however I got 3 lots of photos on the way- there were tons of memory maker photographers after the fireworks, no wait either! Memory Maker comes free if you buy tickets direct and are from the UK, otherwise it is $145 I believe. However I think it is worth it, you get all of your on ride photos, character photos and random photos in the parks and in front of the castle all for that price! If you think about how much money you have spent getting one on ride or character picture at Alton Towers or Disney Paris for example; you see how good value this is! At Alton Towers I paid something like £25 for a log flume on ride picture and at Disneyland I paid something like 30 euros for my photo with rapunzel. With memory maker you get digital photo access- you own the photos and can do what the hell you want with them!image

We went to bed when we got back as we planned to get up early the next day!

Stay tuned, India!


One thought on “Holiday report Day 2- Grocery shopping and Epcot

  1. Loving your Disney vacation blog posts! I appreciate how much effort you’re going to with this! Keep it up 🙂


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