Grönn- The Eco Hair Salon

As a vegan who tries to be an ethical consumer; finding a hairdresser can be a HUGE challenge! Most hairdressing Salons use products which are A) Won’t confirm if they are tested on animals or B) contain animal byproducts or ingredients. These brands include Tigi, Trevor Sorbe, Vidal Sassoon, Toni and Guy and Guinot. The only salon specific professional hair range I knew about that was approved as cruelty was Paul Mitchell (who make an AMAZING hydrating shine spray by the way!)

That was before I discovered Gronn. A while back, when riding my bus to work, I noticed a building being renovated, I observed it every day- It had a cute sign ‘Gronn Eco Salon, Coming soon…’ When I found the page on twitter, it had a cute bunny logo- It sounded promising. As a vegan with a very curious (not nosy) nature, naturally I was intrigued.

Fast forward a while, and I had met the owner at Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival when she visited me at Lolo’s Vegan and Raw and had attended the preview party at the salon.

Gronn is the first of its kind in the North of England, A fully ethical, vegan friendly, eco friendly, sustainable little salon. The products are incredible and the stylist Rachael is extremely talented, the interior is fashionable yet ecological, the whole place is just tranquil and beautiful.

Upon entering the salon you see a tank filled with lime water, recycled wood decor, sleek cruelty free products and a lovely mood is set. Davines is an Italian brand specializing in natural and planet friendly high quality hair care so your hair is getting the best plus all hair treatments come with a consultation so you can ensure that Rachael knows exactly what you want.

A nice touch is a hot beverage during your treatment, I chose coffee with coconut milk and a vegan cookie my friend Pam here chose a pot of tea.

And now, what you were all waiting for, my hair! I chose to have my blonde highlights replenished, with lots of different shades, Rachael told me the lightener she uses is ammonia free so more hair friendly than classic peroxide. The products smelt amazing too! In terms of cut have finally nearly got rid of my layers so I just had a trim of my split ends and some evening.

before shot….


And after…..

Rachael explained how she is collecting all the hair for a special charitable project- but I won’t give away the details, ask her yourself. Soon Gronn will be getting a garden in partnership with Incredible edible! And a vegan friendly beauty therapist upstairs. So do join the Facebook page, follow them on twitter and book an appointment now!

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