Vegan Easter Treats from Raw Chocolate Pie

Have you bought your Easter treats yet?

If you have then you see the amazing offerings from Raw Chocolate Pie, you’ll wish you hadn’t!

The folks at Raw Chocolate Pie were kind enough to send me.. not one but two of their Raw Vegan Easter Eggs (Or ‘Spring Spheres’ if your ‘gonna’ go all PC on me). Trust me, you don’t have to be Christian to want IN on these goodies!


The first product was the Raw Chocolate ‘Cream’ egg. This is made from the raw chocolate pie classic recipe outer with the raw chocolate pie vanilla fudge making up the filling. As I love both the chocolate and fudge offerings from Raw Chocolate pie, I found this seasonal delicacy absolutely spot on!. The outer was rich and had a strong cacao aroma and the inside was sweet and toffee like. Best stored in the fridge the pie is most delicious when served chilled. I like mine very firm so I popped mine in the freezer.


The pie is also filled with goodness and no added nasties; free from Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugar, Palm Oil and artificial colors and preservatives. The Fats in the pie are composed of coconut oil giving it a melt in your mouth yumminess and creamy texture. Real Cacao is used to maintain the Chocolaty health benefits along with the intense flavor and the sugar is Agave which is a great natural sweetener.



imageThe second product was a large hollow egg filled with a nice mix of luxury dried fruit and nuts- its nice to have something inside your hollow egg as many vegan easter eggs are empty which is rather sad. I am saving mine for Easter!

The Family Combo Easter Egg

Other delights on the website include Popcorn bars, selection boxes and even a giant raw Easter cake which could provide a nice cacao infused alternative to a Simnel cake. Take a look- Easter orders finish on the 23rd but other items are available all year!  And don’t forget products are made in Cornwall and not imported! This is a UK family company produced offering from our friends in the sunny South. Handmade with Love!


Disclaimer- See first para, for my details regards obtaining these eggs, all views stated are honest and I have only been provided the eggs; I have no further Affiliation to the brand.

India x

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