Lolo’s Vegan and Raw Restaurant and Store

This post is dedicated to a very special place indeed. What makes this Vegan establishment so unique is the fact it is three fantastic businesses in one! I have been to stores with take out cafes, and cafes with small amounts of stock for sale. But Lolo’s takes this a stop further, Where else can you enjoy a leisurely brunch, grab a takeout lunch or coffee, buy vegan groceries, have a classy evening meal or even get an Ice Cream Sundae! All in a fab 1920’s inspired location with a jazz music soundtrack.

In the day, Lolo’s is open as a deli and cafe. The menu has a New York sandwich bar feel to it- but you won’t get a Pastrami on Rye… nope its all vegan!

  • Lolo’s shop is no longer open – Lolo’s is no longer 3 businesses in one.

Next door is the shop. For a very tiny shop, its pretty damn good. It can be hard to get some products such as those produced by Wheaty, Taifun, Vbites and Sojade. But now… you can get these products in store at Lolo’s  when visiting for cake or coffee. Unicorn Grocery is amazing true, but restraints on what they sell containing sugar mean they can’t stock some of the goodies in store here. ‘Naughty’ goodies such as Vego bars, Freedom mallows, Amy’s Mac and Cheeze and Angelic Gluten free chocolate orange cookies litter the shelves. No checking labels- Its all vegan! There are products for the gluten intolerant and calorie counters too, so whether you are paleo, atkins or have a multitude of allergies- you can still buy stuff! Like cooking or baking? you can also pick up hard to find ingredients, such as nutritional yeast, coconut flour, sprouted buckwheat and harissa paste.

The third part of the triple threat which is Lolo’s would be the restaurant. In the evening, the venue is transformed into a more ‘fine dining’ bistro style place. The experience is less hectic and fun than daytime and more relaxed, romantic and classy. The food offering change too- of course. The seasonal menu is ever changing. The venue is also licensed. Unlike lots of veggie places there is no hefty corkage on BYOB, instead there are a selection of vegan wines, cocktails and local craft beers to purchase. The current chef is David, well known in West Yorkshire and beyond for working at ‘Dandelion and Burdock’ Sowerby Bridge.


  • Post has had to be modified due to the business changing and no longer having a deli or shop, replacing with a wine bar.


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