The Perfect Birthday- Part 2 of 3 : Chester

My cousin Bek works hard as a youth worker and unfortunately could not make my 18th Birthday party, this was a shame as I would have loved for her to have been there; however what it did mean was more birthday fun as Bek decided we could celebrate a different day instead. Bek knows Chester very well as she studied her degree at Chester University, and I love the historic city full of great shops and landmarks- so the location was set!

We had a lovely day shopping and walking around the walls of Chester. I knew Chester was very ‘Vegan Friendly’ and had been keeping an eye on the ‘Chester Vegan Project’  since I found out about it. The post that caught my eye most recently was about a new pizza place called Urbano32 where the wood fired pizzas could be made with vegan cheese!

This was one of the best pizzas I have ever had! ‘Vegan Pizza’ can be entered in on the till- you just get to choose ANY 3 vegetable toppings. I chose kale, broccoli and chargrilled peppers. We also got to choose garlic or chilli oil to dip our crusts in along with balsamic vinegar. Yummy, authentic, fresh and stretchy dough! As it was a Tuesday all pizzas were 2 for 1 so Bek and I only had to pay for 1. We also overheard that individuals and odd numbered groups needn’t panic as any ‘leftover’ pizzas from the offer are still prepared and then given to the homeless in the evening as ‘suspended pizzas’. I did notice that many places in Chester supported the ‘Suspended Coffee’ scheme which was great to see.

There were lots of great charity shops in Chester and I managed to snag some lovely new to me gloves for just £1! Another shop I loved specialized in kitchenware. Similar to Lake-land it had all the fancy gadgets such as ‘Kitchen-Aid’ mixers, ‘Joseph Joseph’ chopping boards and the latest ‘De-Longhi’ coffee machines. I was happy to see a Pylones in Chester too, as our Manchester branch shut! It was smaller than the huge stores in Paris but big enough to offer a variety of stock.

Of course a visit to Chester was not complete without a visit to the amazing ‘Holland and Barrett more’! I picked up some Cliff bars in ‘White chocolate and macadamia nut’ and some V-bites goodies too. The lovely server at V-bites told us where to get a good vegan milkshake. So we dashed off to ‘Funky Cow’ milkshake bar where I got an oreo and bran flake milkshake made with Swedish glace and soya milk! Since ‘Shakeaway’ in Manchester closed I haven’t been to a milkshake bar in a while so this was a treat! Ridiculously rich and sweet but the thick ice cream and cookie shake was exceedingly good!

We decided to go for a walk after some more shopping and a visit to the Disney Store. Bek gave me a little tour round the walls of Chester as it was a very pleasant evening. We passed the castle which will be reopening for the spring season shortly, went along the canal and looked at the university buildings.

For dinner we went to Las Iguanas and I tried the Butternut Squash, Chickpea and Sweet Potato Chilli which I preferred to the curry dish which I had last time; although it is quite hot so do be warned if you can’t tolerate spicy foods. Portions were plentiful as always and I also highly recommend the cranberry salsa which we both loved.

I would encourage anyone who wants a nice day out, shopping or sightseeing to visit Chester! There are great parks and shops, Canal boat trips, A spectacular cathedral, a castle, The Dewa Roman experience and lots of nice places to eat. Mad Hatters Tea Rooms, Marmalade cafe and Chez Jules are 3 more choices in the centre particularly good for vegan choices. The Visit Chester website holds details of markets, events, parades and festivals- so watch out for ‘whats on’  And don’t forget the outdoor theater which I reviewed last summer  and of course V-bites/ Holland and Barrett ‘more’

Thanks for reading and enjoy visiting what I consider a really ‘cute’ and lovely city with a great history.


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