The Perfect Birthday – Part 1 of 3

On the 25th of January I turned 18, on what is seen as a milestone birthday, I can honestly say, I felt no different- no more equipped to drink or vote in general elections. I didn’t feel I had suddenly become ‘a grown up’ overnight. It was nice to know I have survived this long however! I do feel very old now, especially when I meet British children who have never seen the Tweenies, the Teletubbies, or Noddy! Or when I see the Friends, Sabrina the Teenage Witch or  High school musical casts photographed together! When I realise how long ago it was when certain shows stopped airing and certain movies came off air, when certain toys stopped being made, and people stopped using floppy disks and VHS machines! Game Boy advances, shoes with tiny dolls in and YU-GI-OH cards have long been replaced by other playground crazes. Its crazy now, how games, toys, tv shows, brands and even bands from my childhood are now seen as retro and vintage! I see myself tutting over new-fangled tech and lazy animation- whatever happened to drawings, puppets and clay- CGI fireman Sam looks ridiculous. The leap pad is now a bloody IPAD style tablet- when I had one, it was a book stuck to a piece of plastic which made sounds. So this is what getting old feels like? Ahh the nostalgia… When My Little Ponies didn’t wear false eyelashes and Polly Pocket was pocket sized.

Joking aside, its amazing to think of all the things I have done and achieved and all the memories made, milestones reached, lessons learnt. Over 18 years of living on this messed up planet. It really doesn’t feel like long ago when I was in the school nativity playing a very loud angel in a tinsel tiara, banging my tambourine with joy for ‘Little Baybee Geeezus’. I of course had to celebrate my getting old in style and on the morning of the 25th I woke up to strawberry’s, peanut butter and chocolate on toast, Mary Poppins’ tour tickets, Valentine’s day Tsum Tsums and then a Starbuck’s gift card from my auntie Jan.  I spent the day watching films and playing board games with Mum and then we took the dog to Prestwich for some Black Cat Cakery Chocolate date cake and pizza ingredients!

On the 26th, we went to Mary Poppins the Musical! It was truly spectacular. My favourite part was Bert tap dancing to ‘Step in Time’. It obviously was not as amazing as the film due to a lack of Julie Andrews and hand drawn animation, however it was nice to see the dancing, gorgeous costumes, and new characters on stage. The second half was mainly material especially for the musical made using P. L. Travers books and Cameron Mackintosh’s creativity along with some of the classic songs from the Sherman brothers.

The next week was full of birthday wishes and love, a card from my workmates, presents from neighbours and a nice meal at the Buddha Lounge. In Part 2 I will tell you about my day out in Chester celebrating with my cousin, and In Part 3 I will share all the details on my Disney World Birthday party!

Thanks for reading!


India x





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