Vegan food options in Morrison’s Cafe!


NOTICE – AS OF MAY 2016 the Cajun Burger contains mozzarella cheese and the 3 bean chilli is permanantly removed meaning the only vegan options at all are chips, mushy peas and baked beans. 

Tesco has replaced its in store Cafe with Costa Coffee outlets, A Place to Eat by John Lewis has no vegan cake and Asda Walmart cafe offers little apart from Chips… However a recent revamp of the Morrisons Cafe menu means it now has a few cheap and tasty options for us; foodwise.

My mother and I used to go for a veggie roast there rather frequently and we also used to go to the curry club. So, before Christmas, when we saw the seasonal roasts were being offered again, I went out on a whim and queried their vegan-suitability. The lady checked, and the nut roast, potatoes, gravy and veg was all fine; I just had extra roasties and peas instead of mash. At £5 for a nut roast with gravy, cranberry sauce, carrots, sprouts, peas and roast potatoes it was great value and really tasty, packed full of cashew nuts, and grated carrot. When the seasonal menu ended I decided to take a look at the menu, and after a chat with the cook and some packet checking we deemed the below all good-

Jacket Potato with 3 bean chilli

Jacket Potato with baked beans

3 bean chilli with rice or chips

Cajun vegetable burger with chips or potato wedges

side salad

corn on the cob

onion ring tower

mushy peas

bread roll



We decided of course that we had to sample both the burger and the chilli, so ordered a burger and chips, a jacket potato with chilli, and some extra chilli. The chilli was not spicy enough for me, but mum declared it tasty and it was full of beans. The burger was my favorite, not too spicy, really delicious though, I think I could identify sweet potato and sweetcorn in the mix. Served with BBQ sauce although you can choose both a sauce and a topping. The bun was nice too. I really did love this burger. Its nice to have an option apart from a jacket potato when you get hungry in the supermarket! And a quick meal for £5 (build a burger cost) or less! They do lots of weekday specials, kids eat free deals, tea for 2 and pensioners specials too.

Thanks for reading pals!

India x


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