How to organize a Starbucks themed birthday party- at home!

Hello everyone, Firstly… I am very excited for tomorrow, I turn 18! Which in the UK is much better than 16 when It comes to important milestones. I wanted to write a post on planning parties but as my party is not till the 5th of February – this would be very silly indeed. Instead I am going to share a post about my 17th last year. It was a very different kind of party; my 18th is a large party in a hall with over 50 guests but my 17th was an intimate gathering in my house. The theme was Starbucks/coffee shop.

My cousin brought her coffee machine and played Barista, cups, napkins and holders were donated by our local Starbucks and coffee and syrups were purchased from Monin, we used Alpro sweetened soy milk to steam which is what Starbucks use in their lattes.

I also got whiptop from the Parve/Kosher section in Tesco and used crumbled Oreo to recreate the now discontinued cookies and cream frappe/latte. Hot chocolate was made with Chocshot syrup and mini veggie marshmallows.

For savory food, we had bagels with an assortment of toppings, including tofutti cream cheese and cucumber and hummus and carrot. Then for sweets we had chocolate granola bars, banana bread, mini muffins, cookies and chocolate fudge birthday cake. It was a really fun evening!, we played some board games and had a nice chat over our drinks. Party favors were chocolate coins, and I received quite a few gift cards for my ‘My Starbucks rewards’ account!  

I even invented some new specials!

I hope I have given you some Ideas for your own gatherings- a coffee morning or evening can be used for a variety of occasions such as baby showers and anniversaries! If you prefer Costa, Nero or another coffee shop then you can get cups from wherever is your most visited- when they recognize a regular they should be more  than willing to help out. Posts on my 18th to follow soon!

‘Punny’ right!



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