Taurus,Canal St review – vegan menu

Tucked away in the Manchester gay village- Taurus Bar is not exactly a prime dining location, many people don’t even know they serve food! However… they do, and it is very nice. Whats more is that Taurus have their own vegan menu!

I have now visited Taurus many times so I can evaluate the good, bad and ugly… but mainly good!

The two times I have visited Taurus individually (in a couple) have been faultless! With my sister they were very accommodating to my little nephew Sebastian- bringing him water and milk and being very friendly. It was good to know they had high chairs- and waiting staff happily brought out a spare plate for him to nibble from. Our meals were lovely- I had a Tofu Penang which was a lovely mild curry with tofu and a peanut and coconut sauce, it was served with boiled rice. Nic had a bean burger with cheese- she said the actual burger patty was nice as it was not dry like some bean burgers, and it had lots of flavor without being greasy. We shared some broad bean and nut croquettes which again were lovely and had a nice sweet chilli dressing, these were Nic’s favorite part of the meal!

When I visited with Mum on Christmas eve, our meals again were amazing- staff were attentive and service was fast. We both got Bean burgers- mine I ordered without a bun and with pineapple, chips and mushy peas, I poured salt and vinegar on top – like fishcake, chips and mushy peas. Mum got hers with coleslaw and a brioche bun. Again, delicious freshly made vegan food! The chunky chips are incredible! And the bean burger is soft and moist inside with a crispy outer- textural heaven!

Now… When I visited as a group, the experience was very different. With the vegan Manchester Christmas meal, I found the food quite bland and lacked flavor. My Mushroom and lentil hotpot had no mushrooms or lentils in it! and was a potato and carrot hot pot topped with more potatoes, and the ginger sprouts had no ginger on them. My friend ordered a nut roast but It just looked like the bean burger to me. Apparently the walnut choc pot was underwhelming and my coconut rice pudding topped with mango crisps had no mango crisps and was served warm with coulis on top. Apparently due to over subscription that night, there had been some issues, so I did give Taurus the benefit of the doubt.

The second time I visited as a group was with Bolton Vegan group, early January. Firstly, someones hummus and pitta starter was forgotten. Secondly there were menu to plate alterations once again. The Tofu and vegetable madras curry which my Mum ordered… contained NO tofu, instead containing only Kidney beans and chickpeas and the rice was slightly underdone! And the Gnocchi which some of the others ordered I am told was not as described on its menu. When It came to desserts.. the choice of fruit and Sorbet was uninspired. However a dining companion did order ‘poached pear with cinnamon spiced syrup and raspberry sorbet’ – which came with no cinnamon, and the sorbet was very dark- she thought it more similar to blackcurrant.

When I order something and it comes, and it is not what I believed I had ordered… I get annoyed or sad. So although the food at Taurus is always delicious. I feel that I have to recommend going in small groups or as a couple.. rather than making a large group booking – as this seems to be when problems occur. Either way, the regular menu provides a nice choice and variety of tasty vegan food, and it is 50% off in January and 50% off every Monday (25% on Tuesdays) every day. They also do soya milk in drinks, daily vegan risotto of the day and Sunday dinners. I am told good things about the cocktails- but I don’t drink so can’t vouch for them personally!

Love India x



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