January Sale Bargains and party planning

I haven’t posted much of late so I thought I would post a quick update, featuring all the goodies I bought both on Boxing Day and since. I am also going to tell you a few details for My 18th Birthday Party! It is my birthday on the 25th of January and on the 26th I am going to see Mary Poppins,which is one of my favorite films, at The Palace Theater. I am also having a big birthday party; very exciting as I have not had a party in an external venue or hall since I was a little child. The party is going to have a loose Disney theme, I have a sparkly tiara to wear, we have ordered a Disney cake, I am making Disney decorations and I have asked for spending dollars for when we go to Florida as gifts! The other great thing is that as around 30 of my guests are vegan and even more are vegetarian, I can make the buffet cruelty free with no complaints! There will be lots of delicious food, Samosas, Doughnuts, Hummus and Pizza to mention a few. I have also been busy creating playlists for an awesome disco, so if you are attending…. be prepared to bust some moves. Of course I have made sure there is a large variety of tracks, some modern and some retro.

I hope you had a good New Years Eve by the way! (I went to see midnight Starwars in IMAX)

Now then, onto the pictures of the ‘sales haul’ My first stop on Boxing Day was LUSH. As you may know, I love the brand ethics at LUSH and I was delighted to see that all of the Christmas stock was 1/2 price! On the way out I bumped into two friends from ‘Vegan Manchester’ which was a co-incidence.

new 083

Snow Angel Bath Melt, Snowcake Soap, 3 x Buche De Noel Cleanser, Emotional Brilliance powder and Light Yellow base color,  Christmas FUN, Butterbear tin, SANTA baby lip tint, Snowfairy mini


I was very pleased with my spree as Mummy had bought my sister the butterbear tin for Christmas and I was super jealous. I was also glad to get the other bits- I find Snow Angel super moisturizing; in the winter when too cold to apply body butter then Bath Melts help soften skin. The Lip tint is incredibly long lasting and I now have enough cleanser to last a while! When It has run out then I can recycle the pots and get a free face-mask! LUSH perk!

Next up we went to The Disney Store. It was a shame to see the Tsum Tsums I had got for Christmas were 1/2 price but If I hadn’t been given them then sods law would have meant they would have gone and sold out. I did find some nice bargains though. An autograph book, lovely Elsa and Aurora T-shirts, £5 Pooh Pjs, Hairbands, Gel pens, a pretty mickey blanket for my bedroom and a Tsum Tsum jumper…

Following that, I braved the crowds at Accessorize, sadly none of the makeup was reduced, however I did get some gorgeously soft PJ’s.


Onto my miscellaneous buys….

Above ; Warehouse cardigan, Hollister perfume, Primark apparel, underwear and clothing, Hotel Chocolat santas, Starbucks travel mug

And finally- my online spend

I loved the red glitter chevron decor items in Claire’s Accessories and I managed to get them half price!  3 cute little boxes, a lock box which is perfect for storing all those little bits and bobs and a makeup chest filled with sparkly eye-shadow.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about the goodies I snagged and getting a sneak peak of things to come, ie; MY BIRTHDAY PARTY. I will leave you with this Christmas card worthy photo of myself with my nephew and sister on his 2nd Birthday at Winter Wonderland Manchester. Happy Birthday Sebastian!


Too cute!


2 thoughts on “January Sale Bargains and party planning

  1. Can’t help but feel samosas are traditionally meat-filled. I’d rather you didn’t culturally appropriate with intention if promoting your own causes.


    • I think you will find, that if you go to India then you will find a similar ratio of both meat and vegetable samosas on offer. Many places both in the UK and in India offer vegetable or aloo filled samosa. I don’t really ‘get’ your point? x


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