What I got for Christmas 2015!

I had an absolutely amazing Christmas 2015 full of magical memories and experiences. I also received huge amounts of amazing presents, with thanks due to my family and friends for being so kind, generous and thoughtful. And thanks of course to Father Christmas too.

Above- Presents under the tree, Love Libby Kite Necklace, Chocolate and Hollister t-shirt

hhh15 046

Kedma dead sea minerals face mask, BeautiQ IQ choc, Starwars socks, Tsum Tsum and Disneystore stationary, festive pants and socks, Lenny and Larrys cookie

hhh15 134

Chaplin and Disney Princess Boxsets, Booja Booja Champagne Truffles, Sophie Kinsella Book, Peace and Parsnips vegan recipe book, Cafetiere for 1,  Minnie mouse makeup bag, Mickey Backpack, Elsa dress, Cinderella mirror and bag, Fairylights, Heavenly Organics geranium oil, tin of cookies, socks, Studio eye shadow kit, Fox woolies set, Elsa mug, Olaf mug, Mary Poppins tree decoration, Winnie the Pooh pencil case, Assorted soaps and toiletries, Snowflake coloring book, snake bracelet, Starwars pjs, Frozen stickers, Sweet Revolution hot chocolate, Mickey beach towel, Giant mink effect throw.

Above- Ceramic pans, Christmas Tsum Tsum! Indian street food recipe book.

I also made a short video of me opening my secret santa gift from the vegan secret santa swap, which I organised on social media! – https://www.facebook.com/india.taylor.332/videos/o.719919551472269/1152165831467709/?type=2&theater

Above- Tsum Tsum page secret santa and me with my gifts!

I am so so grateful for every single gift I received and I feel very spoilt by my loved ones this year. I love everything!

Now, pictures of Marnie’s presents and Mum’s presents from me and stocking fillers. Mum’s main gift from me was new curtains for the lounge but I gave her these early so the house was pretty on the big day!

Mum loved her Marilyn boxset, bedding and Odeon cinemas giftcard most.

Above- Marnie’s gifts- 2 dog perfumes, pupcakes, sweet potato chews, fish skin chews, Anco root chew, Rosewood Dumbell, Reindeer and Snowman toys, Toy mouse, Betty and Butch treats, Minnie mouse custom collar and lead, Jingle ball, Apple and mint treats, Peanut butter treats, Betty Miller treats, Dougals Den Zippypaws hide a puppy burrow kennel, Kong Squeez toy, gingerbread man

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and look forward to sharing even more of my pictures with you.

Happy New Year

India x

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