Christmas Gift Special- Beauty from Arbonne

I was recently contacted by one of the ambassadors working for Arbonne. Arbonne are a company providing vegan and cruelty free skincare and cosmetics, similar to many other organisations they use a rep scheme where reps can host pamper parties and distribute information online.

I had to be honest with Natalie and tell her that I would be providing a completely fair and honest review of the products; so I have done so and compiled it into products I rated and those which I did not.

I gave her this basic information on what I look for in my products, my skin type and what I currently use

‘I have sensitive and dry skin and acne. Currently use mainly Bare Minerals Makeup, Nivea and Faith in Nature moisturizer and Lush cosmetics cleanser.’

Natalie discussed which products she thought would suit my skin type and complexion and then posted me some sample sized pots to try.

First up I am going to talk about the Skincare products. The moisturizer and foaming face wash served their functions, however if you are on a budget. I would not say they were anything to write home about, Out of the two products I think that the foaming face wash is more worth the investment as it left my skin feeling very clean and fresh whereas the moisturizer I did not find to be a higher quality than cheaper brands. I was also sent some spot treatments such as an exfoliating treatment however I have not witnessed a visible improvement to my skin since using these- it may be that I did not sample them for long enough so I will not make a judgement here.

Now on to the Makeup. The first product I tried was the makeup primer. The formula was amazing and non-greasy. It was smooth to apply and made my skin feel very soft and even before applying both the Arbonne Liquid foundation and the Bare Minerals powder foundation. It also worked well as an eye shadow primer, helping improve how long my eye shadow stayed put. A versatile product, highly recommended.

Sadly, the second product from the makeup range,the liquid foundation, was a huge disappointment. The coverage from just a small quantity was fantastic however; after wearing it my skin broke out with some red irritation spots which covered my forehead and my cheeks burnt. I was hesitant about mentioning the foundation because of this but I am not saying this will happen to anyone else purchasing; I have very sensitive skin and this has happened before, even when using high end products. I think this product is probably better suited to mature skin as it is tougher.  Younger people with softer and more sensitive skin don’t need liquid foundation on a regular basis anyway. We would be better off sticking to a lightweight bb cream or mineral powder which do not necessarily provide the amount of coverage which a more mature lady may require.

The bronzer from Arbonne was another product I was impressed by. It was a beautiful colour and could be used effectively for facial contouring, along with a highlighter on the cheekbones, or just to add a small amount of colour wherever you desire . It let me achieve a golden glow in the winter without being sparkly and glittery like some cheaper bronzers.

Finally I will mention my second favorite product after the primer, the mascara. I have very long eye lashes so I do not have trouble finding products to thicken and lengthen my eye lashes. Where I have trouble is with lash clumping. Many cheap and even very high end mascaras, stick all of your lashes together, but the ‘It’s A Long Story Mascara’ did not have this issue. It coated each of my lashes separately even when applying a second coat. The formula was easy to apply and did not separate or crumble and the brush was a good shape. I really liked this product and would recommend it to anyone looking to lengthen or darken lashes without them turning into a big black mound!.


You can purchase all of the products mentioned from Natalie or from a local Arbonne representative. Personally I would recommend the Primer, Mascara, Bronzer and Tea tree hair range.

Obviously, this is part of my Christmas gift guide so I will also mention the gifts offered which caught my eye…

This men’s cologne could make a fantastic Christmas gift for a lucky husband and contains no animal ingredients! It contains a fresh citrus scent but also has a nice woody herbal aspect to it to keep it masculine.

This Magical Minis collection is excellent value as it contains 8 mini bath and spa products in a variety of delicious scents. You also get it in a cute hessain stocking. You could split this set and give the mini products to different people in little pamper hampers, with a book, eyemask and some homemade sugar scrub- this would create an excellent gift which would cost a small amount when compared to pre- made spa gift sets. You could also use them in homemade crackers as treats for your girlfriends when they come round for a Christmas drink! Alternately you could treat yourself, it is a great way to sample many of the body care products. Scents include citrus, ginger and mint- seasonally spectacular.

Last but not least this cute dog toy. Funds from this super soft plush toy, go towards the Arbonne charitable foundation ‘to give teens a chance to build their self-esteem through Foundation programmes’. I think this is super as I have suffered from having extremely low self esteem and the work this organisation is doing looks like it would really help a teenager going through the same thing.



Happy shopping once again


disclaimer– I did not receive any free products or cash incentives from Arbonne. I received some samples and testers from Natalie who exchanged them for my opinion and honest review.

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