Ethical Present Guide part 1- Gifts supporting charities

Hello and Merry 3oth of November to you all!, today as part of my big ethical gift guide I will be putting the spotlight on charity gifts! These are all physical items bought from charity gift catalogs or shops rather than being gift vouchers for donations to charity which I will feature in another post. All of these items do mean sizeable contributions to charity from the sale though! and they are usually fair-trade, eco- friendly or cruelty free as a bonus.

Section One, Children:

Fairtrade Fish Xylophone

Fairtrade Fish XylophoneViva Shop  This charming wooden toy looks like it is made to a high standard and could never be regarded as looking ‘cheap’ however it costs only £5.50! The bright colors and cute character mean it is far more suitable for kids than a standard wooden Xylophone. Add in the fact it is Fairly traded and that some profits go to amazing organisation Viva and I can’t see a reason not to buy this if you have a child of the correct age group! Viva shop also sell some other goodies like soft bamboo t-shirts and socks and divine pacifica perfume so you can fill a whole basket with gifts!

Mould and Paint Cute Pets

One of the Children’s presents I found which is more suited to slightly older children is this mould and paint set. I have always loved arts and crafts so I know this will have given me hours of fun. You can use it to make animal magnets and brooches and paint them too! It can be purchased from Dogs Trust Gift Shop so you can also know that there will be cash going to the doggies with no homes from your reasonably priced purchase which comes to just £8.99

Section two, Teenagers-

The first gift in this section is this lip balm, it is 100% cruelty free and vegan, also offering sun protection. It is good for boys or girls, and as a teenager I know lips can grow to be very chapped, especially in winter. So this is a great functional stocking filler. If you are buying for a girl or a teen who likes their smellies then this is also sold in tasty scents/flavours such as Vanilla Bean! The RRP is £4.99 but Viva shop have these for just £3.99

Up next is another functional one- this gorgeous diary, perfect for organizing nights out or study dates, it also contains a world map for planning that gap year or end of school holiday! (and actually knowing where you are going geographically before boarding the flight!) Also only £3.99 it won’t break the budget and is sold in Oxfam!  Oxfam is fab for ethical gifts, I have found faith in nature goodies, bits from tradecraft, and their new range designed by monsoon and accessorize all in store! Not to mention edible treats like Cafe Direct Coffee, Fairbreak cookies and Divine dark chocolate coins!

The next item is an awesome tee from TeenVGN, the organisation have a webshop selling quirky print t-shirts, beanies and an easy to follow recipe book!

Section 3- Grown ups (sorry for the broad categories!)

Another T-shirt now! This fitted t-shirt is awesome and £24.99 including a donation to hunt sabs.

The T-shirt is from Simple Animal Designs and

‘Simple Animal is also an eco-friendly & organic brand that combines fair-trade values with highstreet fashion.

All materials used are vegan, organic and easy on the environment. The products are hand-printed in a small London studio, the ink is approved by the soil association and the materials used are all fairly traded and vegan – we use gelatin-free emulsion on our screens’

Bulldog Face Moisturiser

Here is another star from Viva Shop, shaver or beard sporter, this moisturizer from Bulldog Natural Skincare will keep your guys face in tip top condition through harsh winters and sunny summers.

Following on from that I have Special Edition Truffle Selection No. 1

A fabulous gift for vegans, non vegans, foodies and chocoholics! This Booja Booja organic truffle gift box is indulgent and stylish. You can pick it up on Animal Aids online store for £12.95 – flavours include cherry cognac and sophisticated champagne. Maybe even treat yourself to this ‘grown up ‘chocolate treat.

Next up – The Monkey World online shop, they sell gorgeous sterling silver jewelry so you can get something like this for £54.00 help the primates and let someone accessorize! Image result for monkey earrings

Finally I had to mention the 2016 calendar and the best of the best has to be the charity calendar from K9Angels! Each month is a different celebrity with their adorable pooch, £10.99 will help the Romanian strays and provide a fun gift! 


That sums it up for this part of my gift guide but stay tuned for more top tips and present giving hacks! Enjoy 1st of December- TREE UP TODAY, FALALALALA-LA-LA-LA-LAAAA….





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