Why I love Autumn- Fall and Halloween best bits

Winter has officially begun!, Its cold, its wet, the leaves on the ground are soggy not crisp. The fireworks are still persevering but that’s just due to idiots… The afternoons are getting darker and my nose has started to turn red on frosty morning dog walks.

Looking back on a lovely Autumn I have picked a few of the super best bits and other bits too collated in this lovely post for readers to nosy at 🙂

Firstly some pictures from a nice September lunch at the Teatime Collective; avocado salad, meatballs, french fries and cheezy garlic bread. And I managed to catch the end of the ‘Indian Summer’ and sit outside!




The next best bit was Vegfest London! but you have a huge post on that so I won’t go in to details again!

The next event I attended was Northern Vegan Festival! This was very exciting! It was in my home town of Manchester and I was a volunteer selling the high end and ethical Tivydale vegan shoes! All Profits went to Miracles Mission to help neuter stray dogs in Borneo!

Bolton and Manchester Vegan groups had a stall too and distributed some of my super snazzy new business cards for me! Thanks guys! I managed to catch up with the owner of Lolo’s Restaurant in Ramsbottom too – nearly opening time! Sadly I forgot to take pictures when there but here is a picture of my outfit! In our living room!


I also took Marnie to lots of events at Betty and Butch this Autumn. I enjoyed this as I love the little dog shop in Chorlton even more now they serve coffee and cakes and offer a space to relax after walkies. We saw Dukes Coffee shop’s grand opening and it was nice to see the owners and how far they have come since we first visited!

I went to 2 Halloween potlucks too!, the first of which was in the lovely Ziferblat (pay per minute social space with Vegan Manchester. I have already shared about this on my ‘Boneyard Brownie’ post. The second was on the 1st and with the Manchester student vegan group, It was nice to share cake with some like minded younger vegans. I made this-


Bourbon bonfire ginger and vanilla sandwich cake

You are probably wondering what I actually did on the big night! Well, on the eve of all hallows, my second favorite holiday! I went to a big party at Zen in Bury. The evening featured a seated vegan meal, a magic show, a session with a real paranormal psychologist, a huge vegetarian buffet and then talking to a soldier on a Ouija board! I have never done anything like this before on Halloween, but this dry party was certainly something different and still lots of fun!


Having my mind read! Was told I was strong minded!

With Steve Mera and Jackie who I will hopefully join on a real paranormal investigation. Steve runs something called Phenomena project and It was very interesting to hear about

My costume was a gorgeous Jack Skellington inspired ladies outfit which I naughtily bought online from Disney and didn’t make!

Even Tsum- Zero was convinced!


Eyeball Trifle!


Delicious food! I loved the Black pea soup, Fry’s strip Curry, kiwi salad and Sheese wraps the best!

Following on from my very Disney costume I have to show you the super-cute Halloween tsum tsums I acquired. These are genuine imports from Japan so a splurge but wow, just look at them!


Devil Mickey, Cat Minnie and Bat Ducks! Soo soft too!

Finally I attended an awesome Pizza night in Bolton last night and saw friends old and new! The Pizza was at the Kitchen and then we had drinks at a Haunted pub!


No ghosts here!


Pear and Cinnamon crumble!


My 1st plate on the pizza buffet! I had 4 plates….

Thanks to all my friends, family and pets for helping make this Autumn memorable. I love you all.

Thanks to my readers too and enjoy winter!


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