Which vegan ‘Mars bar’ is best?

When I was still having dairy I generally preferred Cadbury’s sickly sweet candy bars over those made by rival company ‘Mars’- however when it came to caramel filled confectionery, Cadbury lost out – the caramel bar was too runny and the curly wurly too hard and chewy. For me the Mars bar, Snickers and Twix made the cut for ‘cheap’ caramel. Ps if you are American- our ‘Mar’s bar’ is your ‘Milky way’ ie- the one with the caramel in!, Our Milky way is pretty much a 3 musketeers bar! ie- just nougat.

‘Go Max Go’ are a vegan confectionery company who make surprisingly good ‘dupes’ of the majority of the Mars range and until recently they  had no competitors in that field- other more  ranges did the same but with dark chocolate but none with ‘milk’ chocolate. They duped Mars Bar/ US Milky way, Milky way/ US 3 Musketeers, Snickers and Almond Joy (We don’t have Almond Joy in the UK but it is pretty much a Bounty made with almonds on top- which leaves me wondering why we were never blessed with it!), They also randomly make a copy of Hershey’s item- the peanut butter cup. Now the chocolate in a Twilight bar is low quality but so is regular Mars chocolate- most ‘candy bar’ style chocolate uses more vegetable oil than milk anyway- I could barely taste the difference taste wise however texture wise the caramel was rather grainy and the chocolate was a little bland.

Recently I stumbled upon the ‘No Whey’ bar and thought to myself ‘Could this be! Another company making vegan Mars bars!- And it was! Premium Chocolatiers had entered as a competitor in the field of vegan candy bars. I bought one immediately….





I felt the quantities were better on this one- In real Mars bars the chocolate is in a thin layer like this- wheras in the Go Max Go bars it tends to be chunkier.  The Nougat as you can see is like that of a UK Milky way- vanilla not chocolate flavoured- I loved this as I don’t like the mock chocolate flavouring in Mars Bar nougat, it was chewy enough but also light and not too stodgy. The caramel was a clear winner for its taste and gooeyness- In future I would do what I did with regular mars bars and store in the fridge – you can see I did this with half the bar to slice before photographing – see above. Sadly this particular bar didn’t have a thick enough layer of caramel however ‘No Whey’ bars I have eaten since- this has varied and some had tons of caramel! Yum; I love Caramel! (You can even make your own! See here)

I think for taste and texture the ‘No Whey’ beats the ‘Twilight’ however ‘Premium Chocolatiers’ only make ‘Peanot Cups’, ‘Peanut No No’s’ and this bar, in their allergy friendly/cruelty free copy cat so far so… until they make a ‘Snickers’ substitute and some others too then ‘Go Max Go’ is my friend when I wan’t a sugary ‘milk’ style candy bar. Maybe they could even make a ‘Twix’ bar or some ‘Malteasers’ while they are at it.  I will always love dark chocolate and good quality chocolate bars but sometimes- you just want candy!

You can buy ‘No Whey’ here on Vegan Tuck box and the Go Max Go bars are on there and also on Vegan Town and Viva and Animal Aid sites. If you are in Manchester then V Revolution normally stock a variety of both of these brands! I expect V-x in London will too.

Review disclaimer- All my opinion, Purchased Myself, feel free to disagree 😉

Thanks for Reading



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