Marnie dog reviews- ‘Anco Root Chew’

There are many reasons not to give your dog bones, even if you eat meat! – large bones such as beef bones can splinter and chip then choke or seriously harm your dog. Rawhide is equally threatening and cannot be properly digested! 2 of the chews I think are a much better option are Antler chews such as ‘Stagbar’ – made from naturally shed deer antlers and Anco Root chews made from tree root! The tree root chews are less risky than the stag bar due to being softer and they are also less gross. We purchase ours at Betty and Butch, Dog Lifestyle store.


it just looks like wood…



They are Marnie’s favorite chew and last much longer than a rawhide stick or dentabix would- 1 Anco root chew lasts Marnie around 5 months and she chews them frequently. Plus they are vegan of course!

Marnie took no encouragement to chew these which was a worry due to the fact they are just a chunk of wood however, unlike many plastic type chews or vegetable based chews she did not need marmite smeared on the toy to show interest. She gets to work on these babies straight away! Leaving little wood shavings all over the house too- the one downside however they are easy to hoover up with hetty later on.


all ready to play



See you soon, India

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