Bye Bye TeenVGN camp!- Yoga, Paper plate awards and train home

The last day started with manic packing and organised chaos, luckily we had gorgeous weather and this was followed with yoga with the lovely Helen who brings yoga to many young people with Helen Clare Yoga It was very nice and relaxing, a traditional style of yoga more Buddhist style rather than the newer crazy types.


Say Treee


Playdough pic! I made the fish in the sky! flying fish!


Camp in the sun!

I got everyone to sign my Frys Family Foods shirt in coloured sharpies and we used FGV’s postcards to right notes to each other. I also made sure Kylie and Laura got their gifts from me and that the other leaders got the goodies contributed by me and some others in the group!, They truly deserved it for being so amazing and giving up some of their summer time.

We got some special packed lunches of sheese, cucumber and lettuce sandwiches, onion, mayo and v-bites chicken rolls and vegusto salami and ‘cream cheese’ sandwiches coupled with frys tasty sausage rolls, violife minis, ten acre popcorn and cocofina bars then we started the walk down to the town hall for an award ceremony!

The walk was longer than expected but when we arrived there were medals, certificates and…. Paper Plate Awards!


After the paper plate awards, it was time to say goodbye! Everyone was emotional but hopefully lots of reunions will go ahead at Vegfest London.

The trains from Yatton were delayed but Amy, Caitlin and I all caught the same one to Bristol, then I changed to my other trains again, the same as the first journey, with plenty of time for Starbucks!


Ahh Latte and Popcorn combo



When I finally got home it was super late but I stayed up to tell Mummy all about the amazing week I had had! Thanks again to all organisers, leaders, campers and sponsors,

AND thanks for reading my camp diaries, I will do a few ‘best bits’ roundup posts so keep an eye out!

India x


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