Last full day at TeenVGN Camp -Party time

This was definitely the best day at camp! We had a retro sports day – I fell over twice and got a ‘Good Effort’ (loser…) sticker. (damn sack race!)

At 11am we had another poster making session fuelled by Goody Good Stuff who make vegan Haribo style jelly sweets. Not to forget the amazing fact we met…. Kobi the Koala from Goody Good Stuff; hilarious and a good photo opportunity. Kobi was very well behaved despite lifting me up and was even kind enough to leave us all prezzies (cuddly koalas!)




With Kobi

An extended free time session was followed by a lunch of all the leftovers- soup, curry and chilli from the week topped with my favorite ‘cheese’ Vegusto! Then 3 more amazing talks. Campaigns reps from Hunt Saboteurs, Wild Futures and Animal EqualityVeganuary campaign all had some great information to share with us. We learnt all the facts about what the Hunt Saboteurs actually do and addressed common misconceptions about the groups, and we got lots of tips from Animal Equality about how to act/react when doing street outreaches and information stands. My favorite talk was with ‘Wild Futures’ ;we discussed the work the charity do, rescuing monkeys from the pet trade, then learnt about how the Monkey Sanctuary provides enrichment for the primates in their care. This included finding out how to make puzzles for the monkeys.



Smile and say Veganuary!


Wild Futures!

Following the talks we got ice cream before heading to a music workshop with ‘Obviously Kirsty‘. I was the assigned singer in my group and we wrote a song based around veganism before sharing with the others. I was really impressed with the other groups work too- some showed lots of talent and others were really humorous!

Our final night had a special ending with a party and BBQ. Fry’s foods provided tons of burgers, ‘chicken’ burgers and hot-dogs, we even had Rebel Kitchen choco-mylks too. A Fry’s representative (and blogger ‘Fat Gay Vegan’ ) was also in attendance to film some stuff for the Fry’s Family foods ad campaigns. This was really exciting and it was also nice to meet another blogger I follow!


(excuse the messy hair please! had been soaked by Kylie and Alex!)



I could feel the emotion welling up inside me as I prepped for the final day ahead!


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