Best sandwich ever?

This was a tricky Vegan Mofo category I love sandwiches! I have decided to write a list of all of my favorite combos instead!

Sheese Garlic and Herb spread with cucumber – nice on a bagel

Hummus and Grated carrot – nice on brown

V-bites sage and onion slices, ‘mayo’ and lettuce- nice on a white roll

falafel, lettuce and tomato- nice on granary

Peanut butter and jam- nice on anything!

vegan cheese and tomato- nice in a toasted sandwich!

vegan sausage and onion chutney! – best on a brown crusty roll

vegan cheese and beetroot- nice on a ciabatta or baguette

butter beans or tofu mashed in garlic mayo with cress and black salt- best on a tiger roll

Feel free to play around with these! These are just a few of my favorites!


The cheese and steak baguette at Teatime collective!

Thanks for reading- India!


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