Wednesday at Camp TeenVGN!- Cooking, Creativity and Games!

This day I overslept and missed the morning walk, but was well rested at breakfast. I made a ‘Zine’ at our craft morning and Kylie and Amy kindly made me a cool bracelet which I will keep as a memory of camp!


My Zine


Frozen VGN style


Bracelet love

Next up was a workshop about checking labels and shopping as a vegan, crammed with hints and tips. You can join the Vegan Lifestyle Association for free here-

For our lunch we had a cookery demo/workshop from Ellie Bedford who is a children’s cookery book author, the recipe was ‘Sushi Bowls’ from her How to eat a rainbow book – full of ideas to get your children eating their veggies!


Rainbow food!


Care for 2nds?

Time for a game of rounders for campers who fancied it and then another great talk! ‘Dorset Vegan’ organizer of Bournemouth Vegan Festival gave us a talk about running our own vegan events. Very interesting for me; as you know I have been active in organizing both vegan outreaches and social events with BVVAR and Vegan MCR. It also jogged my mind on my plans for Northern Vegan Festival,  so I messaged Victoria and Roddy when I got home! I am going to be on the Miracles Mission Stall as well as the local group stall now! Very inspirational meeting another organizer of vegan events.


Time for ‘Camp Hunger Games’ – This involved water bombs and I didn’t fancy getting wet! So off to the common room once again.



Then, following dinner… CAMPFIRE TIME. I really loved the campfires at camp; so therapeutic to watch, warming and delicious! I had never done smores on a campfire before due to gelatine filled mallows, so happy times once again, thanks Rose for helping toast them.


Campfire buddies


Blue flames


Expert mallow toasting skill, brown on the top and melty inside but NOT burnt like charcoal!

Probably one of my favorite evenings at camp.

Keep checking back for more entries!

India x

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