Next day at TeenVGN camp- Wildlife talk, Campaigns and Movie Night

Following breakfast we all made posters for company- Fry’s Family Foods– the main camp sponsor. These posters will be used as inspiration for future ad- campaigns! It was nice to have a calm morning in the warm as weather outside was horrendous. Sadly the next activity was a Wildlife talk in the Yurt and a Wildlife Walk.

The talk from ‘A Wild Life With Animals‘ was very interesting. It was nice to find out some more about British wildlife and wildlife rescue. The rain during the walk was so terrible that we didn’t see any wildlife, however we did find what was believed to be a badger hide, and lots of droppings from various woodland animals.

For lunch we had a full English breakfast which was epic, before sitting down to 3 campaigns talks. These talks were from Sea Shepherd, ADI and my personal favorite talk was from League against Cruel Sports. If you are not familiar with these three amazing charities/organisations then I will mention some of their campaigns. Sea Shepherd as suggested in the title, work on marine based issues, ranging from over fishing to other issues such as Shark Fin soup being considered a delicacy by some! ADI (Animal Defenders International) have a variety of different focus points but our talk was about Animals in Entertainment- Circuses, Sea World and film ‘Water for Elephants’ were all discussed- this struck a chord for me as very locally in Bury, Greater Manchester, Circus Mondao (one of the UK’s only animal circuses) are currently ‘Entertaining’ The final organisation doing a talk was The League against Cruel Sports, with the government’s impending plan to legalize fox hunting it is really important to support this one at the moment; not to mention the badger cull! Whether it’s by something as small as buying a badger bath bomb or charity pot at Lush or becoming a supporter of the League, I really hope some of my readers have been helping the cause. I learnt some amazing facts both about what the charity does and about foxes. Did you know <1% of deaths to farmer’s sheep are proved to be caused by foxes, and foxes mate for life!

Thanks to all the groups for sending an ambassador, thanks to those speakers and thanks for the badgers and wristbands (FREE STUFF!)

After quite a ‘heavy’ afternoon emotionally we tucked into an amazing dinner once again! – Mexican!


‘Steak’ Stirfry, Pepper Stirfry and ‘Chicken Strip’ stirfry, Mushrooms, Chilli and ‘Cheese’ with Salsa and Guac


Chilli and ‘Steak’ Stirfry with sweet chilli dip in a tortilla with salad, guacamole and corn chips

Sooo full after my Mexican food, I was going to go to movie night but the film voted for was not Disney! I am not a big ‘Over the Hedge’ fan and was hoping for ‘Lady and the Tramp’ so I bailed and chilled out in the common room with hot chocolate made with Choc Shot instead.


With Caitlin Alex and Alex (Leader)

Overall- yep! you got it…

Another great day at camp, with lots of memories made. Sorry for repetition but it’s true! 🙂

Thanks for reading folks


2 thoughts on “Next day at TeenVGN camp- Wildlife talk, Campaigns and Movie Night

  1. Hi there,
    Big fan of your blog although still a newbie. What was instead of dairy cheese?
    I am finding the prospect of becoming vegan from lactovegetarianism very difficult. I have made steps to reduce dairy consumption but I can’t see how I could replace it or do without it.


    • TeenVGN camp was lucky enough to have the best producers of none dairy cheese in the UK as sponsors. Bute Island Sheese are the most popular brand in the UK and also stocked under Tesco own brand. Some dislike the overly processedness of the cheese but If you like processed dairy cheese, its pretty good- I like the mature cheddar style melty variety and the garlic and herb cream cheese.

      Violife is in the opinion of many- the best Non dairy cheese in the UK. It is coconut based and they do a Pizza Block and melting variety as well as slices which are just like processed cheese slices. The original variety is not strong enough for me and flavor wise and texture wise resembles Leedammer a dairy swiss cheese. It is extremely popular.

      My other favorite non dairy cheese is Vegusto. The No Moo cheese range is lovely in sandwiches and slices and comes in a few flavours such as Mild Aromatic and my favorite Piquant. They sell a seperate ‘Melty’ cheese and an AMAZING cheese sauce too. The cheese sauce is nice on pizza.

      Other random ones to try are Cheezly Blue Cheese, Midas Fine art cheese, Daiya Shreds (only availiable imported from america), Riserella (rice mozzarella)

      Don’t forget- with nutritional yeast you can make your own artisan nut cheese!

      🙂 Hope this helps, try joining Vegan cheese lovers pages on Facebook, and check out the blog Veganoo too!


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