First Night at Teen VGN camp- goodies, curry and human bingo

As most of you will know, last Sunday I embarked on a 5 hour train ride down to Somerset to go to the UK’s first Summer Camp for young veggies and vegans. I am going to do a round up of what went down each day, then food and memories, ‘best bits’ on a big post too. I had an amazing week with fellow compassionate teens and an incredible group of volunteer leaders too.

On my train journey things went quite smoothly with no delays, despite industrial action. However I did face the very British problem of having to confront someone in my reserved seating for the Birmingham to Bristol train!. I did lots of mindful coloring and ate some goodies from the train station on the way, meaning the journey passed quickly.


Homemade Vegan Compassion T-shirt!

WH Smith and Starbucks were my friends for this journey, although Waitrose, Pret, M and S and Sainsbury’s were other station options!


Hummus and Falafel Sandwich


Soy Caramel Frappe and Popcorn

I got driven from Yatton Station to camp and on arrival at Goblin Combe lodge got an amazing goody bag loaded with treats, and another for my mum which I could take home for her. I also got assigned a room with 3 other girls close to my age and a district (mixed sex and age groups) for team games. We had a tour then the parents dropping off younger campers got a mini reception with Indian snacks and a chance to ask questions about T&C’s.



After a session writing some rules, both sensible and silly, and a delicious curry night, we played some super cheezy ice breakers including obligatory Human Bingo- I filled my sheet in first, winning some Goody Good Stuff candy! I have experience of this game due to starting lots of schools and classes over the years, However It was a challenge to seek out someone who disliked dessert, so thanks Derrie for your strangeness in that respect! Oh and the youngest camper was celebrating her birthday so we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and tucked into Vegan Cakery cake! I had both Chocolate Vanilla and Gluten Free Chocolate fudge!


Frys ‘Chicken’ Korma, Meridian mixed vegetable madras, crispy ‘prawns’ and basmati rice


Thanks Amber! It was super moist and rich

My room sensibly tried to get an early-ish night as we had to be up bright and early so that’s pretty much all that happened on the 1st night.


Matching Disney PJ’s with the Roomie- Amy

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.



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