Vegan eats and cheats on the high street- Frankie and Benny’s

Just a quick post to say I really enjoyed a quick lunch catch up with my cousin the other day at Frankie and Benny’s Italian American Chain.

All of the menu options suitable for vegans below-


Mushroom and Tomato bagel without butter

Breakfast with grilled tomato, flat mushrooms, a toasted muffin, Heinz baked beans and crispy herb potatoes, hash browns or house fries – order ‘Vegetarian Breakfast’ without eggs and butter.


Rosemary bread with olive oil and vinegar

Bread box sharer without mayo

Garlic Pizza Bread


Vegetarian Calzone w/o cheese

Any vegetarian pizza w/o cheese

Penne Arrabiata

Spaghetti Pomodoro without cheese (I subbed mushroom and sweetcorn)


Side salad- no dressing

Golden Fries

Corn cob- no butter

Green vegetables- no butter

Roast rosemary potatoes

Baked beans

Dessert from Gluten Free menu

Pineapple, Banana and Strawberry chunks with red berry sauce

Not checked the Sorbet for egg yet

Onto what I actually ordered- Bread box sharer- I had the olives, oil and hummus and dining companion had the Mayo, and Spaghetti Pomodoro. We skipped dessert and I grabbed some Booja Booja ice cream from Holland and Barrett round the corner!


It came with more bread but we had already distributed!


One of the big chewy fresh ciabatta sticks


I was surprised how many mushrooms and how much sweetcorn they subbed- and without hesitation (there is more ‘inside’ not just ontop)

It was really nice especially the warm ciabatta and the basil infused tomato sauce on the pasta and I love the atmosphere and music in Frankie and Benny’s so even though the options aren’t worlds best- the portions are plentiful and the staff are usually very customer pleasing, I will visit again!

Thanks for reading

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