Disney Boot Sale Bargains

Carboot sales can be exciting places for collectors such as myself. I often see toy collectors rummaging through My Little Ponies (checking the feet) and collectors and dealers of Fine China looking for hallmarks upon ornaments. As a Disney fan boot sales can be a minefield, here are some of the bargains I have snapped up in Summer sales so far!

Disney Donald Duck glass/metal Frame- St Michael’s Table top sales – This is a disney parks item and probably retailed at like E16 or $25 wheras I paid £2.50! It was in the box and everything.-



Disney clock- St Michael’s Table top sales- This is amazing, I already have a Mickey Mouse clock which my auntie got me but I bought this anyway as its completely different so I am fine with having both of them. Again it is an official item and was new in packaging, it cost me £3 –



Lion King Figures – Unsworth CC Carboot- Some lovely figures from a german toy manufacturer for a steal at 20p each



Mickey Hook- St Michael’s Table top sales, never seen one of these before, will fit nice in my room to hang my sleep mask and lanyard on! £1


Pooh Apron- Barking Berry’s Dog Show, I needed an apron and this was £2, and Its Pooh bear, so I know my nephew will love it when we bake together!


Thanks for reading! Hope you aren’t too jealous of my bargain finds!

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