V- Bites Chester

When I first saw plans for a V-bites in Chester I was super excited. V-bites is the name of the vegan food brand which makes Vegi-Deli and Making Waves products- previously ‘Redwood’ and they also have a cafe/restaurant in Brighton.

When it announced it would be a ‘grab and go’ well, I was rather sad as I expected a sit down place with ‘fishy’ and chips and pizzas not a counter service establishment. However the grab and go in ‘Holland and Barrett More’ superstore in Chester is a nice novelty with some foods usually not found veganised (unless prepared at home) such as smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, Caesar Salad, Donner Kebab and cheezy potato skins. They also stock Anandas round ups (Wagon wheels), Kizzy’s Cookies and Lily and Dilly cakes. Service was quick and food was tasty.

I chose a cheese, marmite and tomato panini- apart from the odd hummus panini, the world is really lacking in vegan paninis. (If you don’t know what a panini is; its a pressed hot sandwich, like a cross between a sub and a grilled cheese sandwich but on nicer bread) It was very nice- It was a panini and I love panini bread so for me this was super despite obviously not being exciting for dairy consuming veggies who would probably rather choose a mock meat dish if they like mock meat (they do actually do a few non-mock meat and non-mock dairy things for purists but If I was getting a falafel sandwich I would just go anywhere!) . Mum chose a hot dog which I tried but wasn’t extremely impressed by as I have been spoilt by the hot dogs at V-revolution which use tofu weiner type sausages rather than v-bites ones.



All in all I would recommend a visit, we also got the chilled coronation chicken deli pot to take home which we made our own baguettes with! DELICIOUS! I have never had coronation chicken but I had coronation rice as a veggie and this was MUCH nicer. Other deli pots included Hoisin Duck and BBQ chicken but I use those sauces lots, the chilli also had tuna mayo baguettes, ham sandwiches, ham quiche, falafel salad, coleslaw, pesto pasta and potato salad.  I was going to get a quiche but V-bites sell them frozen for cheaper! cheeky! The ‘Holland and Barrett More’ store is awesome! It even had a make your own bath bomb stand and a much bigger freezer and fridge section than normal, as well as a very big baking isle.ViviLnk

I picked up some rare to find products from the Making Waves range!

All in all I think a quick serve vegan chain is a fab idea so I wish Heather Mills and the V-bites team well with her newest idea. Hopefully we will find quick serves like this in shopping mall food courts and rail stations one day! The Amy’s Kitchen drive thru in the USA serves a good example!

I would also like to ask Holland and Barrett to open another superstore preferably in Manchester! 🙂


Thanks for reading!

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