Z-arts diary week 8

For week 8 I managed to get tons done including uploading photos to various sites and social media pages, setting up a spreadsheet recording PR activity since February, and composing social media posts and web copies. The new Z-arts website with ‘Ticketsolve’ is going live on Monday which is exciting as all the new listings, photos and copies I have done over the past few weeks will be live then too. Another thing I was glad to see is that the Visit Manchester page is now up to date as per my email request!

Two of the events I wrote Social posts about today were ‘HOME Hulme vs Brooklyn’ and ‘Hot Mikado’. Home was a project that Z-arts ran in collaboration with Rush- an organisation based in NYC, young people made videos and artwork about what ‘Home’ meant to them, I enjoyed watching them on Youtube before sharing them on our Facebook and twitter pages. It was interesting to compare and contrast peoples ideas and thoughts around the topic. Young people used a mixture of approaches and I had the privileged of viewing the self portraits they made in their mini exhibition.

Hot Mikado was an show put on by Manchester Musical Youth- It has received rave reviews so far which is brilliant! Both of these projects show how talented our Mancunian young people are. I was horrified to read a newspaper article the other day which suggested that the arts should be scrapped from the curriculum to make more time for ‘key subjects’ and that even the humanities took up too much time better spent on Maths, Science and Languages- who does the author think they are suggesting art and literature worthless! I will repeat once again that creative skills are invaluable! And what employer would want to employ someone barely literate! Without expressing themselves through art many young people wouldn’t reach their full potential.

Hot MIkado-193

I have also got some good news from Zoe regarding my Arts Award, I can go and see a performance of Romeo and Juliet for my Arts review which will really help with my chosen focus on Shakespeare for my Arts Challenge. I can barely wait!

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