July high-lights and low-lights

Although the weather says differently, July is coming to an end shortly! It has been a good month although has not felt like summer much due to the rain and wind. I wanted to share some of the things I have got up to this month and some feelings and reflections on the month overall.

Highlight 1- I harvested my first strawberry, and 7 more following!, I felt really proud to have planted the seeds and raised them myself and they were very sweet and delicious.


Highlight 2- Winning musical sit with Team Marnie at The Donkey Sanctuary summer fair, Marnie and I enjoyed it and all money raised helped the donkeys and the children who use the center!

Highlight 3- THIS MEAL! Lovely fish steak from V-bites with chips and mushy peas definitely one of the best meals I have had this month


Highlight 4- Tsum Tsum TUESDAY! – My favorite from the Lilo range is the Ugly Duckling!

Highlight 5- Rock Climbing with Vegan Manchester/ Bolton BVVAR followed by a Black Cat Chocolate x PB Brownie at Kosmonaut

Now on the the Not’s, my lowlights from this month…

Lowlight 1- One of my favourite spots in Manchester has just had a revamp which left it cleaner, tastier, friendlier and with much nicer loo’s and even quirkier, brighter decor! I was so happy about the huge improvements but then this month they posted that they were in fact closing the cafe completely, I always look in the gift shop when going to get yummy cakes, lattes and food but probably won’t bother shopping there much anymore! Such a shame! Oklahoma MCR no more!



Above- Deliciousness with leaf tea, with its own timer and cute bottle of almond milk, Tasty local trove sourdough breads with Marmite, Jam and Cashew butter!

Lowlight 2- The season finales of two of my favourite TV programs- Penny Dreadful and The Middle! I hate to wait!

Lowlight 3- I lost a notepad which was FULL of blog post plans and ideas, school work and lists AND It was a pretty notepad too so that doesn’t make it any better!

Lowlight 4- The weather, the unpredictable sticky hot yet rainy or bright yet windy and cold weather is unbearable at the moment. It keeps ruining my plans such as my plan to take Marnie to the Dogs Trust day at Heaton Park for the waggy walk, And despite the tropical storms and blizzards people still try to argue that climate change doesn’t exist! Yeah right! When I was little the seasons were most distinguisable- Summer hot with a bit of rain or cold, Autumn cold with a little rain, Winter cold with a little snow and lots of rain and Spring warm with a few showers or a bit of wind was about as crazy as things got. No storms in July and August or snow at Easter!

I hope you enjoyed my rambling on in this blog post! I will be doing Highlight vs Lowlight posts monthly if they get good feedback. Leave comments and tweet me @India_bieber_x with your opinions on all these ‘important’ topics!

Thanks a bunch for reading


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