Z-arts Diary- Week 7

Things were back to normal this week and I was in on a Friday again. The email provider for Z-arts staff had changed so I had to change my account over to the new provider before getting started on the days work I prefer Gmail to Microsoft Office Outlook so this was a bit of a ‘faf’

First of all I emailed the Visit Manchester website- their listing for Z-arts was completely outdated! so a new version was really required.

After I finished this task I received a phone call from the MEN newspaper, I discussed the various packages they offer for media and press advertising with advertising contact- Jonathan. These included bundles of ads in Local free papers, the MEN and the Metro – obviously the various prices depended on the size of the papers audiences.

As well as new emails, Z-arts has a new provider for its box office so I had lots of Autumn listings to upload to the ‘Ticket Source’ website, being sure to enable ticket booking and add images and details to each one.

I got the chance to talk to Zoe and Paul today, Paul runs the ZYP Young Performers group at the centre and will also be running the Bright Stars group for younger children in September. As part of my Silver Arts award I am going to be planning and facilitating a workshop for the ZYP group. I am hoping to be running a workshop exploring monologues and characterisation and I have booked a meeting to discuss this with Paul as obviously he knows his group best with regards to capabilities and what they will enjoy. I am really excited for this! I have led drama groups before and really enjoyed it!

Now I had the prices from The MEN/Metro I could compile all of the different advertising options for the Z-arts Christmas show onto a big spreadsheet to make the information more organised. I hate working with spreadsheets (unless I am making my own itinerary or Christmas list and can break all the rules!) but I have to agree that they can be a useful tool.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!



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