Z- arts Diary- Week 6

On a Thursday not a Friday for a change, I started bright and early by adding some survey results to online tool ‘Fluid Surveys’, The website keeps track of all the feedback from the performances. I was adding the information from the forms filled out by audience members who went to see ‘Monkey’ at Z-arts. Feedback was generally really positive with the worst comment being ‘Slightly longer than expected’ which I expect was due to daddy getting bored or a child getting tired so not a big issue. The positive comments were outstanding, from ‘A very welcoming venue with helpful staff’ to ‘ I liked the puppets’. One thing that was interesting was that the most common way of finding out about the performance was Facebook. It shows how big a part Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook play in Advertising these days. When my mother worked in Advertising this was of course not the case! We are truly immersed in the digital age!

Next were some Netmums listings for the summer events, and Social Media posts for ‘Before I fall’. Before I fall is a piece of theatre challenging stereotypes which surround issues such as mental health. It sounds so very deep, innovative and insightful. It will be performed this weekend (10th and 11th) so by the time this is published, some reviews should be up! It is part of the fourth Greater Manchester Fringe Festival and there will be lots more going on until the end of the month. So many festivals are taking place across Manchester at the moment so be sure to get involved in someway or another. Manchester International Festival, Greater Manchester Fringe Festival and Manchester Shakespeare company – Manchester Festival of Arts are all happening now or coming up soon. And with the opening of ‘Home’  the new arts venue and Manchester Jazz Festival in August, there truly is something for everyone.

I panicked at the mention of Christmas when I read my next task! For the winter show Z-arts will be having a performance of ‘The Snow Queen’. For a big performance you need to prep far in advance so I was to research advertising costs and ideas for this- contacting big names such as Big Issue, Metro and MEN and also smaller local papers, websites and platforms.

Overall a productive week in the hot sweaty weather- I had to go straight to a Lamda examination class on the other side of Bury till late evening so was absolutely knackered by the end of the day!

Thanks for reading

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